A Collection of Love

As I said before in my post ‘Tribute to L’Arc~en~Ciel’, I am going to write down all my collections…some might have left behind coz I have so many of them 🙂

There are 3 categories for my collection of love, Original Stuffs, Pirate/downloaded Stuffs, and bootleg.

Original stuffs are my treasure, for someone whose salary is around (more or less) than $200 a month, it was quite an effort to collect them all. I started buying original CDs and DVDs after the released of Smile, because it was around that time that I discovered Laruku and discovered place to buy original stuffs. Therefore, my collection of original stuffs isn’t as much as I wanted it to be. I’m still trying to buy their CDs and DVDs before Smile.

My ‘original’ collection

Here are my Original stuffs:


  1. True
  2. Ark
  3. Ray (extended version, 15th L’Anniversary), this one contains CD and bonus DVD
  4. Smile (with extra DVD)
  5. Awake
  6. Kiss
  7. Quadrinity
  8. Butterfly

So…I need to buy 6 more original CDs….soon 🙂
Note: In Blue for overseas version (made in Singapore or Taiwan); In Red for Japanese Version (made in Japan), after Smile I always bought my CD from Japan as soon as it was released.


  1. Shibuya 7 days
  2. Otakon, Live in USA
  3. Smile Tour
  4. Awake
  5. 15th L’Anniversary
  6. Theater of Kiss
  7. L’7 Trans Asia Via Paris
  8. Are You Ready? 2007 また ハート に  火 を つける!
  9. 2oth L’Anniversary
  10. Live Twenity

Note: In Blue for overseas version (made in Singapore or Taiwan); In Red for Japanese Version (made in Japan). Shibuya is the only DVD that comes from Japan because at that time, I didn’t know that there are cheaper edition (tho I have to wait a bit longer)

As you can see…I haven’t bought their Live in Paris, it’s because my mom was recently went through a major surgery and all I have left in my saving accounts went to her (even until this day). But I’m trying to save some to buy it one day 🙂

Although my Original stuffs only consist of 6 CDs and 6 DVDs, that doesn’t mean I take advantage of them by buying pirate stuffs….for old CDs and DVDs, I will change them for pirate/downloaded stuffs into original one by one according to my savings.

Now, here are my Pirate/Downloaded stuffs:

  1. Dune (I want to buy it’s 10th anniversary version, for my original collection, but I haven’t found it yet)
  2. Tierra
  3. Heavenly
  4. Heart (I really want to change this as soon as possible because this is one of my most favorite album)
  5. Real
  6. Collection of C/W songs
  7. Ectomorphed Work (no intention of buying the original one)


  1. Heavenly films
  2. Piece of Reincarnation
  3. Light my fire
  4. Grand cross Conclusion Tour 1999
  5. Realive 2000
  6. Chronicle 0,1,2 (I haven’t had time to go to my friend’s house to copy her Chronicle 3)
  7. Asialive 2005 (I have no intention to ever buy the original one)
  8. 5 Live Achieves: Light My Fire, GCT, Reset Live, Realive (tho this was released after Smile, which I prefer to buy it’s original version, but I couldn’t buy it because Laruku released them in 1 package that cost a fortune which I can’t afford, so I ended up copying my friend’s downloaded version )
  9. Are You Ready? Mata Haato ni Hi o Tsukeru!

(I hope I don’t forget anything)

This one is a collections of their live which never been released as something commercial (or something we can buy)

  1. Every live I can get my hands on from Music Station, Music Fighter, Music Japan, Pop Jam and other TV station performances (I have tons of these and I can’t mention them all)
  2. Various TV game (mostly played by Hyde and Ken), such as Pussuma, Mathew TV Hits, etc.
  3. Christmas Special ’93 (Crappy Quality)
  4. Sense of Time
  5. Carnival of True (Crappy quality)
  6. In Da Club (Crappy Quality)
  7. The Zombies
  8. Reincarnation live at Budokan
  9. Grand Cross Conclusion, different angle (presumably from television)
  10. Live at Odyssey
  11. 15th L’Anniversary (Television Version)

Well…that’s all!! If I forgot something and then remember it later on, I will update this post 🙂

Ow…I almost forgot, I also have Crystal Melody and Acoustic by other artist as tribute for them.

This is part of my:

10 thoughts on “A Collection of Love

  1. my collection just like yours but i hate downloade somethin … well i always fail , so instead of downloading pv or live i rather buy bootlegs ….

    my latest collection is CD single BLESS i bought it as my tribute to HYDE ‘s birthday last 29 of january ….
    right now i am waiting for my pre order larc CD Quadrinity

    1. Huahahaha who said I downloaded them?? My friends were the one who DLed them 🙂 having lots of friends in J-Community sure has a lot of advantages 😉

      I never ever bought any singles…what’s the point of buying singles when it will be released as CD anyway.

      Aaaah I want that Quandrinity…but 600thousands is quite a lot 😦

  2. Many of mine (before Real) are cassette. Imagine, Thailand in 10 years ago, they used cassette. When the world turned to be CD/DVD I didnt give my money to L’Arc for that, so I just ….AH!

    Did I visit your DA yet?
    Maybe I look at it today.

    1. Same here 🙂 Indonesia and Thailand aren’t far apart.

      That’s why before Smile I only have pirate CDs/VCDs … but unlike you I’m trying to change them one by one into an original one….but for now, at least I am trying to buy the original version of all that comes out after Smile

      I’ve checked your blog and you have a DA account too…I will check it once I use computer (my internet source at home is only my mobile)

        1. Haha fortunately Larc’s cassettes aren’t much in Indonesia…so I only bought pirate CDs… And it’s not a waste at all changing pirate to original 🙂

          Wow…Thailand is lucky…I could never find those cassettes here

  3. […] My first Original DVD (Japan version) was Shibuya 7 Days and it cost a lot!! After that, I only bought Overseas Version which was half the Japanese version…BUT all the CDs that were released after 2003 are Japanese Version. They cost more than the Japanese version but I feel more satisfaction owning Japanese Version CDs than the overseas ones. Now that Laruku has gained more attention in my country, Sony Indonesia has kindly released Indonesian version DVDs … yaaaiii (^_^)/ they are less expensive. And Sony has also become nice by not changing the CDs anymore. I remembered buying the Japanese version of AWAKE (their 10th album), it looked so nice and beautiful but the Indonesian version was so flat. All My Laruku’s Collection can be read here> A Collection of Love. […]

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