Sayonara Ace T.T

Sayonara Ace

English Translation: Thank you for loving me!!!

I love this Manga so Damn much!! The characters are deep inside my head and my heart…and that’s why whenever they feel sad, I feel sad, whenever they feel happy, I feel happy.

And now…Oda-Sensei had made the most heartbreaking moments of all Onepiece chapter. I’m crying and still couldn’t believe what had happened.

I don’t want to write too much spoiler…all I can say is, getting involve so deep in a story really break your heart as it break other character’s heart in the story T.T T.T (I’m still crying while writing this)

For me, there is no other Manga greater and deeper than Onepiece

7 thoughts on “Sayonara Ace T.T

  1. this scene… literally break my heart. hiks…

    eiichiro oda is the most insane (in the positive way of course :D) person for making this AH-MAZ-ING manga. Perfectly brought shiver, tears and laughter on the same time…

    btw, nice blog! especially for the Muse, L’Arc~en~Ciel, and One Piece parts 🙂

    1. I was literally crying when I read it…Ace was my favorite non-mugiwara-crew character.

      Hear hear!! One Piece is the best manga I have ever read in my entire life, Oda is an amazing story teller. The story just getting better and better.

      Thank you Dila :), I could guess you like Muse, Laruku and One Piece too.

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