JCL3 ga Owatta, Omoshiroi Challenge ne…

Japanese Literature Challenge 3 has closed on January 31.

This Challenge is the first blog challenge I have ever taken, this is also my first book challenge. I didn’t know that such challenge exist in the world of blogging, I guess it was because I rarely checked other people’s blog.

And then I joined Booking Through Thursday and then I discovered great blogs and Challenges followed by those blogs. One of those challenges was JLC3…I was so excited because J-Literature has been in my reading list for quite some times. This challenge doesn’t feel like challenge at all because I enjoy every J-Literature I can get my hand on.

I admit that I am a Japan-Addict…hehehe Nihon no koto ga totemo daisuki desu!! and that’s one reason why I love this challenge. Beside that, through JLC3, I found the excitement of reading other people’s blogs and reading their reviews on certain books are also exciting.

I am looking forward for the next JLC4….matteirru yo (^_^)/

In the end, I read 8 books and 1 manga :), here are my round-up post


  1. I’ve only read one, and it wasn’t part of the JLit3 challenge… Strangers, by Yamada. You’ve reminded me that I still have to write a wrap-up post! 🙂

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