Nineteen Minutes

This is my second Jodi Picoult’s book. I wasn’t expecting anything when reading this book, I mean I have no vibe when reading the back cover. I asked my student to lend me one of her Picoult collection and she handed me this book.

The story is about school shoot out that change the life of people in Sterling, New Hampshire.

A boy named Peter Haughton was a victim of bullying ever since he was in kindergarten. The constant bullying finally made Peter took a drastic act. He came to school carrying 4 guns instead of textbooks. When he arrived at school, he started shooting at everyone that came across him. He ended his nineteen minutes rampage after shooting Matt Royston, a popular kid that happen to be good in hockey. Patrick, a detective, found Peter in the gym, he was slumped across the body of Matt Royston and Josie Cormier.

Josie was the daughter of Alex Cormier, an attractive young judge. Jodi used to be Peter’s friend, she used to stand up for him…but she changed drastically after crossing over to the popular kid zone. She ignored Peter completely. When Josie woke up in the hospital, she claimed that she couldn’t remember anything.

As the story goes, everything started to become clearer. The layer was unraveled one by one.

Just like My Sister’s Keeper, Picoult writes the book in past-present story, but unlike My Sister’s Keeper…this one has better grip in term of way of writing…she doesn’t used ‘I’ in every character anymore. But if I have to compare the story, My Sister’s Keeper has better story.

This book reminds me so much of The Chamber by John Grisham, a book that really made me feel torn between innocent and guilty. The way I see it, Picoult also try to write Nineteen Minutes as a story that will make people fell torn between innocent and guilty…but I think the emotion in Nineteen Minutes isn’t as strong as The Chamber. It doesn’t create a mix emotion.

I admit that I hate Josie since the beginning of the story…even after she confesses I still hate her, the reason is simple, because I hate fake people…you know, people who acted not as themselves in order to be accepted by other people. And I admit that I feel sorry for Peter, I feel sorry for his mother. BUT all that emotions are separated, those hate and sorry feelings stand apart from each other…that’s why I said the book has no mix emotion.

I fast read some parts of the book because I find it a bit boring and unimportant, mostly the part about their past life. But I really enjoy the court part (made me want to read Grisham again – taking mental note to read one this year).

So, in conclusion, I like this book but not as much as I like My Sister’s Keeper. I give Nineteen Minutes 3 stars out of 5 (I like it)

Teaser from this book >> here

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