L’Arc~en~Ciel 1st Album – Dune

Let’s start this month with a glimpse of L’Arc~en~Ciel 1st album, DUNE.

Dune was released in April 27, 1993 but it was still under an Indy record. DUNE consists of 10 songs. Their songs in this album aren’t the kind that can be considered as easy listening songs or ear-catching. Their music is a bit unusual for me and different to what we used to hear now.

My friends and I used to say that anyone who can listen to Dune and enjoy it as much as they enjoy Laruku’s later music is the one we can truly called as true fan. If we meet someone who claims to be Laruku’s fan and only enjoy their number 1 songs and can’t connect to DUNE at all…we sort of roll our eyes and say ‘yeah right!’ in a mocking tone. Haha that was then…now I am just happy to see anyone still listening to them.

I love all 11 albums that had been released by Laruku, I can see changes in their music.

Now, let’s talk about the songs, one by one…but I can’t write much because the songs are difficult to describe. They were still in unison, one song with another is quite the same.

Shutting From The Sky

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Laruku.
The song is quite cheerful and fun. I especially like the last part of the song.

My favorite line from this song:

Subete nuri kaerarete yuku
Kako wa kuzurete mune no soko ni tsumori
Kage ga hikari ni kasarete
(Dark somber colors are all being repainted away
The past crumbles, amasses in my chest
The shadows are being extinguish by the light


Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken.
I like the changes that happened in this song and I like how Hyde sings the song…it really show his amazing talent to sing.

My favorite line from this song:

Me no mae no tobira wa hirakareru
Sukoshi no mirai o miseteiru
Sora yo subete ukeirete sono mama de tsutsundeiru
(The door in front of my eyes is opened
Showing a bit of future to be seen
Sky accept, let everything in, keep it wrapped

Taste of Love

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken.
This is my favorite song on this album. The song is so deep. The beat really gets inside me. And Hyde voice is just amazing, from deep to high. Tetsu’s bass is captivating.

My favorite line from this song:

Kanashimi yori fukaku
Subete no inochi yori tsuyoku
(Deeper than sorrow
Stronger than all of life
I love you

Tho my favorite line seems so romantic…but if it isn’t romantic at all!!


Lyric by Hyde, Music by Hyde.
This is also my favorite song. I love hearing the beat in this song. No matter how many times I repeat it, it still hasn’t made be bored.

My favorite line from this song:

Entichers…Shinjitsu ga
Entichers…Wakaranaku tomo
Entichers…Sore ga
Entichers…Sonzai suru imi
(Entichers…even if I don’t understand the truth
Entichers…that is the meaning of existence

Flood of Tears

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Tetsu.
I believe this is their 1st single. The fun part of this song is the chorus part.

My favorite line from this song:

Me no mae de kurikaesu uragiri no kotae
Fukaku shizumu jyouken ni tachi tsukusu


Lyric by Hyde, Music by Tetsu.
What really captured my attention is Hyde voice…somehow, I find his voice in this song is so beautiful.

My favorite line from this song:

Tsuki ni terasare me o tojite
Sotto karamaru
Katachi o kaete kuzure yuku
Nemuri ga sasou
(Illuminated by the moon, I close my eyes
Slowly entangle
The shape starts to change crumbling
Asking for a sleep

Be Destined

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken.

My favorite line from this song:

Be destined…dakara konya mo chikau yume o motomeru
Be destined…dare mo shiru koto mo nai kyoufu de sae hayasu

Tsuioku no Jookei

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Laruku.
Tsuioku no Jookei means scenes of remembrance. It started with the sound of acoustic guitar which is quite rare for Laruku’s song. The song sounds so sad. I think this sonmg is my least favorite in this album.

My favorite line from this song:

Garasu no yoona komen ni utsuru watashi wo
Yasashii ame ga miniku yugameru

As If in a Dream

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken.
I once read somewhere (I forgot) that this song is Hyde’s favorite song.

My favorite line from this song:

Mado no soto o nagameru watashi ni hohoemu
Anata no yume o mita
(Looking outside the window, I see a dream of you smiling at me)

Ushinawareta Nagame

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken.
I looove this song. The song is so deep. It is a simple song, a piano and Hyde…but the simplicity of this song reach into my heart.

My favorite line from this song:

It’s so hard to choose…I love every line in this song. I finally chose to write these lines:

Tomo ni sugoshita ikutsu mono
Omoida ga kokoro o kakemeguru
Kareha ga kaze ni mawaru you ni
Omoida ga kakemeguru
Nando mo koko e kite wa egaita
Ano hito no koto ga …

Here are the 30second preview of the album

This is part of my:


  1. Hey,

    Great post there! I guess I am not as true a fan as you are. There are still a few old songs which I don’t listen to, or enjoy listening to as much as the other recent songs of theirs.

    Songs that I would skip in this album are: Entichers, Tsuioku no Jookei, Ushinawareta Nagame. The last two songs are too slow for my taste! XPP

    Other than that, Dune is a great album. I really love the visual kei look they were going at. Especially Hyde’s long hair and that almost-a-god look! Hehehe..

    There is one song in the Unfinished Demo 7 Tracks that I really like and hope they would release it. The song is ‘I’m in Pain’ That is one awesome song, man!!

    Well, I look forward to your next post to share with you my fave songs of Laruku!!

    Till then,


    1. I also often skip Tsuioku no Joukei, unlike Ishinawareta Nagame, Tsuioku is not a deep song. Although Ushinawareta is veryyyy slow but it’s a perfect song for musing.

      I’m in Pain was sung in L’annivesary 🙂 it’s abit not laruku-like.

      I’m glad there’s someone who is looking forward for my post 🙂 arigatou.

      There will be at least 1 post for within 1 month…tho I’ve prepared 2 posts for this month

      1. Oh I see, no wonder they never release it. It is not Laruku-like. Haha. I didn’t know, but I like their musics, that’s what I also like I’m in pain.

        You’re welcome. I will be waiting for your post. No pressure, though, take your time. 🙂

  2. Hi Novroz, i’m so glad to find out ur blog. I’m laruku fan from Vietnam and I’m a newbie in Laruku music (I first heard them on Kouhaku uta gassen about 3 month ago) and I fell in love with them (first, i was just impressed by Hyde and then all the band ^^). Your blog provide me many information about the band and your posts about them is great. I don’t know why but it’s hard to find loyal laruku fan in Vietnam and I even can’t find any album of them in music store here. I have heard some of their new songs and I’m addicted to that but through your blog, I knew their old album and decided to hear them in historical sequence. I have finished Dune and I realized that I can be new but I totally will become their true and loyal fan like you. Dune isn’t hard to hear with me and I love all the song (Tsuioku no Jookei is my least favourite song but I still listen to it many times). I feel that the songs in Dune is totally different with their music now, it’s so mysterious and deep, do you think so? And I’m so envious with you that you can see them live, if I knew them earlier, I would definitely find the way to Indonesia but now it’s too late ><

    1. Hi Darc…so happy to meet another cielers from another country. You are the first one I know from Vietnam ((hug))

      Wow…3 months ago and you have already been so in love, that’s awesome!! I was just like you. They instantly made me in love with them so much. Sometimes I can’t believe that I have been crazy over them for 11 years and not a slightest hint of ever reducing…I love this band so much.

      Your case is not different to mine, it is also impossible to find laruku’s old albums, I have to import them. Fortunately, since SMILE Sony always release their albums. Good luck in finding all the albums 🙂

      Ah don’t be so disheartened about the concert, last time I check, there are still about 200tickets to sale…but dont expect to find VIP ticket. Go to the site and be here. We, Indonesian Cielers, are planning to sing Sekai Mirai together at the concert as the a token of appreciation for them finally coming here.

      1. 11 years, I admire your love to them and It’s must be unlimited happiness to see tham live after such a long time waiting like that. Yeah, Laruku songs deeply touch my heart and I love to watch their performance very much. I don’t know why but I smile all the time and my heart beat fast whenever I watch it ^^ You know, even now there are still many tickets I still can’t go because I’m still students and it’s really expensive to fly to Indonesia and then to buy the ticket for the show. Earlier to me means at least 3 or 4 years so that I can save enough money. Now I only wish that they will have 25th or 30th L’Anniversary or another show. Oh God, please!!! And Novroz, you must know that you are so happy to have a Laruku fan community to share the joy with you. Hope we can be friend and share feelings about Laruku because I’m so alone here in Vietnam (cry) (hug :x)

        1. Ow…you have NO IDEA!! I still think this is all just a dream…it will come true when May 2 finally comes. I love them so very much. I can relate to how you feel completely, I never get tired of listening to all their songs over and over again nor I will ever get tired of watching their DVD concert again and again and again.

          Ah…I understand your problem, it’s tough to be a student when you love something so bad…let’s hope they will hold their 25th, 30th, and even 50th anniversary if possible…I never want to stop listening to them even if they are already really old.

          Hear hear to that!! I am glad there are so many loyal fans here. so many of them had loved them for years just like me. The way the ticket sold even surprise the promoter, hey never though that we will loyal for years and haunt their ticket like maniac (maybe you would like to read about the ticketing I wrote here) and maybe you are interested with the concert I have just seen in the cinema 🙂 (here)

          I’d love to be your friend…and all laruku fans’ friend 🙂

  3. hi! i’m livingsaint from the philippines and i happen to read your blog entries after looking for LEC articles to browse through.
    anyhow, i just wanted to say that you are lucky that LEC is going to your country. I’ve learned that tickets are already sold out as early as now, wow! so many indonesian fans! i’ve been to the hongkong concert, and it was really a blast to see them live and up close! being a fan for 15 years, it was a dream come true for me to watch them in person and hear the songs LIVE! although, i was disappointed that they did not sing the much older songs from dune-tierra-heavenly albums, which incidentally, is my favorite “LARUKU ERA” as their music then is just pure, raw, and beautiful.
    i know you are going to enjoy the concert as well. i bet you are excited, too. hope you are going to post your experiences then in this blog so that we (readers) can vicariously experience through you the jakarta concert!

    1. Hi Living Saint….so nice to meet you 🙂

      I didn’t realize that my blog post can be tracked through LEC web search.
      I know how lucky I am…it’s my dream for the last 11 years. I just hope the riots (I don’t know whether you’ve seen it in the news or not) won’t start again and makes the concert cancelled….ow Dear God don’t ever let that happens, I would be devastated.

      You’re so lucky to have seen their concert!! I envy you. I met an Indonesian fan who went there too two days ago, she was ecstatic. I like all era of Laruku, but if I have to choose I chose the later era because Yukihiro is my favorite member.

      I will DEFINITELY write about it…I even wrote about the Live Viewing let alone the concert 😉

      Thank you for stopping by LS 🙂

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