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The Battle of Arlong Park

Before the battle of Baratie started, Nami left Mugiwara kaizoku by taking Going Merry (the ship) with her. Luffy didn’t give her up that easily, he ordered Yosaku, Johnny, Usopp and Zoro to follow her and bring her back and he would follow them after he defeats Don Krieg.

Yosaku went back and led Luffy and Sanji to the place Nami was heading for. Yosaku told them that Nami is heading to Arlong Park, the headquarter of Arlong Pirate. He told them that Arlong is a very strong merman and he is Jinbee’s nakama. Yosaku also explained them about the existence of Shichibukai (Mugiwara Kaizoku will soon meet them on their next journey).

Luffy's version of merman 🙂

Meanwhile, Johnny, Usopp and Zoro had arrived in Kokoyashi & Goza villages, these villages laid near Arlong Park. They soon realized that Nami was one of Arlong Pirate Crews. Arlong has controlled all the villages in the island for 8 years. Nami was there to draw them maps.

When Luffy finally met Zoro, Johnny told them that Nami had killed Ussop. Luffy was furious and didn’t believe him…even after Nami told them the same thing, Luffy still didn’t believe. Not long after that, Usopp found them and tell them the truth about what Nami had done. Nojiko, nami’s sister, came and told them about Nami’s bitter past.

Nojiko and Nami were adopted by Bellemere. Bellemere taught them how to be strong. She loved them so much even though they do not share the same blood. One day, Arlong and his nakama came into their island and forced everyone to pay taxes, 100.000berries for grown-ups and 50.000berries for children. Genzo, a man who already felt like father to both Nami and Nojiko, told them to run away because Arlong hasn’t found out about them yet. But…Bellemere gave her life to save her daughters because she didn’t want to self herself by not admitting that Nami and Nojiko are her daughters. It was a very sad moment.

Bellemere’s advice for Nami and Nojiko was one of my favorite quotes “Nojiko!! Nami!! Don’t let yourself lose from anyone!! Girls have to be strong!! Whatever happened, never hate the moment you were born!! Never forget the power of smile…its okay if there’s no one praising you!! As long as you hang on, GOOD THINGS WILL COME!!

This advice was the reason why Nami accepted Arlong’s offer. She will work for Arlong and collect 100 million berries to buy back her village.

Things turned to worst when Arlong betrayed Nami by sending a corrupt Marine named Captain Nezumi to take all Nami’s money (she had collected 97 million berries). Nami lost all her hopes and tried to hurt herself. Luffy came and stopped her. This is one of my favorite moments. All Luffy needed is one word ‘HELP!’. Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Usopp went to Arlong park to beat Arlong.



Let's fight!!

Zoro Vs Hatchi

The fight between these two swordsmen was a bit imbalance, Zoro’s skill was high above Hatchi. Hatchi was using six swords because he has six arms (hatchi is an octopus-merman). But Hatchi’s 6 swords is nothing again Zoro’s 3 swords. As always, the fight scenes are awesome!!

Sanji Vs Kuroobi

Kuroobi is a ray fish merman. His ability is merman karate. He is also easily beaten by Sanji. Kuroobi could only defeated Sanji while they were in the water.

Ussop Vs Chuu

As usual, Ussop ran away from his enemy. But he found his courage because now he has friends and he couldn’t face them if he keeps on running away. To defeat Chuu, Usopp had to play tricks on him.

Both Zoro and Sanji tried to help Luffy (he was thrown into the sea). The moment Luffy was released, he faced Arlong….and the excitement began 🙂

Luffy Vs Arlong

Before seriously fighting Arlong, Luffy said things that soon become another favorite quotes of mine.

Arlong: “Human is a stupid, weak, and pitiful creature!! What can you do?? You can’t even help yourself when I threw you into the sea!!”

Luffy: “That’s why I need someone’s help!!”

Then, he picked 2 swords and swung them around

Luffy: “Idiot!! I can’t use sword!! I don’t have navigation skill!! I can’t cook!! And I can’t lie!! I’m sure I won’t survive if no one helps me!!”

Arlong: “Syahahaha you really are the type who like to admit your own weakness!! I’m sure it is hard to be on a ship with a captain as stupid as you. Wonder why your friends even want to save you?! YOU THINK…someone who doesn’t have pride like you can be a captain? WHAT CAN YOU DO?!”

Luffy: “DEFEAT YOU!!”

The fight between Luffy and Arlong was both funny and interesting 🙂 Arlong fought Luffy with all his strength while luffy was still playing around. Luffy became terribly mad when he came into a room where Nami used to draw maps for Arlong. Arlong told him that he can use Nami efficiently. The word ‘USE’ triggered Luffy’s anger.

Luffy started kicking all the furniture and the maps, “I don’t know how great mermen are, and I don’t know about maps!! I don’t know those things!! But, I finally know how to save her!! This room shouldn’t exist!! I will destroy all things in this room, room that had depressed her so much!!”

Luffy defeated Arlong by using gomu gomu axe. Along with that fighting style, he destroyed Arlong Park. Luffy shouted “NAMI!! YOU ARE MY NAKAMA!!

After this battle, Nami officially becomes part of Mugiwara Kaizoku. Even though she joined the crew before Usopp and Sanji, she couldn’t be called as the 2nd member, she was the 4th member of Mugiwara Kaizoku.

So…with only a captain, a navigator, a swordsman, a handyman (soon become a sharpshooter), and a cook…Mugiwara Kaizoku headed to Grand Line.

And again, this is another battle that really touched my heart…even after this battle, Oda keeps on making more and more battle that can touch my heart.


My Favorite Scenes

The moral of this story are: 1) Human is not perfect, we need other people’s help and we shouldn’t be ashamed of asking for help. Everyone has their own part in this world, just do the best in that part and let other people help us in other parts. 2) Friend is not someone you can use as you like.

This is my dedication for The Best Manga Ever Existed, One Piece by Eiichiro Oda


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2 comments on “The Battle of Arlong Park

  1. Thuan
    March 6, 2010

    your one piece page is fantastic 🙂 i love the show as well. i like it to the point where i cant even describe in words how much i like it anymore. its too awesome 🙂 i loved reading your posts.. its so clear u love this show too! 😀 its just fantastic. keep up the great work! ^^

    • Novroz
      March 6, 2010

      Thank you 🙂 your comment is highly appreciated.

      Yeah I feel the same way as you are…I love Onepiece to the point I can’t describe it anymore.

      My goal for this blog is to write every chapter of Mugiwara Kaizoku life…I love their journey so much…it’s not just entertaining but also full of moral

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