L’Arc~en~Ciel Best 5 Videos

Important!!! To anyone who stumble upon this post…PLEASE LEAVE COMMENT (or at least fill the poll)telling me your version of Laruku’s 5 best videos. Arigatou minna 🙂

In the beginning of their career, Laruku didn’t make good videos. In my eyes, most of those early videos are usual.


As they grow older, their PVs (Promotion Video) are becoming more and more interesting. I’m not going to discuss about the quality of the song here…ONLY the video!!

Allert!! None of the videos I am going to show is uploaded by me, I merely search it in youtube because it’s abundant there.

Remember!! This is my own opinion…in other word, someone might have different opinion.

Here it is…my countdown of L’Arc~en~Ciel best 5 videos:

No.5 is Stay Away

Why? Because only in this video you can see Hyde, Tetsu, Yukihiro and Ken dance like a boyband 🙂 . I know that they are not really dancing, it was a computer trick BUT you have to admit that it is really interesting and creative.

No.4 is Hitomi no Juunin

This is the first video after Niji that took my breath away. I was literary speechless when I see this video. It’s very simple, the director only reverse the video…I’ve seen a lot of music videos doing the same thing, BUT unlike other video, Hitomi no Juunin looks so elegant and beautiful and somehow it fits perfectly with the beat of the song (tho it doesn’t fit with the lyric). Some people find this PV as bad PV because they can only see a glimpse of Hyde, Tetsu, Yukihiro and Ken at the end of the video…as for me, that’s the beauty of this PV.

The next 3 videos are the videos that I find so artistic…all three of them have different kind of art, all of them are very captivating.

No.3 is Niji

Niji shows Laruku’s dark side. This is the 1st artistic video by Larc en Ciel. When I first saw the video I was awed because it’s so artistic. It’s an unusual kind of art…a bit dark but not in a sadistic way. You can easily spot fragments of arts all through the video.

No. 2 is Seventh Heaven

Seventh Heaven is the second most artistic video by Laruku. It thickly showed modern art, or we can also say it as contemporary art. They use bright color and all the background dancers are showing the bizarreness of contemporary art. When I first listen to the song, I wasn’t really into it, it’s a bit unusual for larc’s song…but after seeing its PV, I like it better than before.

No. 1 is Jyojoshi

This is the best Laruku’s PV I have ever seen!!! At a glimpse people might mistaken this PV for porn video…BUT do not look at it at a glimpse!! This PV is a work of art. Although there are a lot of semi-naked people in the video but they are there to pose like old paintings or old statues in ancient Greek. The way it shifted from frame to frame is also interesting to see. I love it so much…so beautiful.

Larc en Ciel had made 36 PVs (their new video Bless will make it 37)…this 36 PVs is without mentioning their old videos that only few people had seen (Dune, As if in a Dream, and Shutting From the Sky) and I can assure you that there are more than 5 great videos…Those 5 are considered to their greatest.

Other videos that can be considered as great video are Flower, Shinsoku, Pieces, New World,  My Heart Draws a Dream,  I wish (Punk en Ciel), and Shine.

It’s so hard to choice the best song from all Laruku’s songs because I love them all…but finding the best video is very easy 🙂

Next> 5 worst video by L’Arc~en~Ciel 😉


  1. I found your post through blogwalking and I guess as a fans I have to write comment, right? 😉

    Yeah I agree with you that they made better video as they get older. I have to agree on your choices, they are some of the best videos, but I would replace Stay Away with Honey…that woman with honey is so perfect for the song 😉 . I also prefer Shine rather than Hitomi no Juunin.

    Great post, you sound like a true fans of Laruku

    Novroz’ Answer
    Thanks 🙂

  2. agree2 aja dah, worst laruku PV itu natsu no yuutsu. coz u can see ken’s buttocks at the beginning. it’s a bit disturbing 4 me ~_~. unless its Hyde’s lol, then it wont be a problem haha

    Novroz’ Answer
    Gyahahaha dasar!!!

  3. I agree with Jojoushi being No.1, though I may be a bit biased. You see, I became a fan of L’Arc right when this song was coming out so it was one of the first videos I saw of them. Needless to say it left an impression on me. Then again, I think any and all larc fans remember going through and pausing this video to try and read what it says on the little postcards Hyde has! 🙂

    Novroz’ Answer
    Maybe it’s not as bias as you think it is 😉 The 1st video I saw is Stay away…but at that time I havent really know them. After fallin in love with Finale (ost of Ring 0) I search al their songs in the internet and I fell in love with them completely.

    Then I started looking for their video and found Blurry Eyes…so Blurry Eyes can be considered as my 1st video as a fan and I didn’t think it’s a good video…Hehehe it gives me a shock, I thought they would me manly not girly!

    Gyahaha agreeee!! we were all wondering what it said 🙂

  4. well my fave is
    1.stay away …. i like the way they dance even there’s so many say that it’s a CGI effect but who cares i still like that pv n don’t forget the way hyde moved his hair … so sexy ne … damn i love this guy

    2.seventh heaven
    all black n hyde … he looks like melly goeslow … famous indonesian female singer … and he dance so good follow the music without a mike stand …

    3. jiyuuenno shoutai
    for this i have no reason … just like it like i love hyde so much …

    4. pieces
    becoz so dramatic … the way hyde kill tetchan ,… no imean tetsuya now … i always keep askin why? …. jealous?
    wkwkwk long live haitsu ..!!!!!

    5. link
    like the song this pv is so summer … happy happy

    hi there nice to read your blog … so would u be my friend?

    Novroz’ Answer
    Hajimemashite Noi-chan 🙂 … thank you for sharing your top 5 videos.

    Hahaha it seems that most of your videos are based on hyde 😉

    I also like Jiyuu because Hyde looks damn gorgeous in that video!! Yeah pieces is a bit mysterious isn’t it?? I too wonder why the hell hyde kill tetchan (he remains tetchan for me…tetsuya still sounds a bit out of place).

    All laruku’s fans are my friend 🙂 so of course I would like to be your friend. Btw, where do you live?? gw di Jakarta 🙂

    You give me your blog link…I’ll check it out soon 🙂

  5. worst ?
    hmmmmm let me thik about it first …

    jiahahahahh ….. nope there ‘s nothing in my head … i’ll tell u if i figure it out

    Novroz’ Answer
    Huahaha there are NO worst songs by larc BUT there are plenty of worst videos by them…..

    I’ll tell you a month from now….Not now, from Dec 26 till Jan 26 is only for best video 🙂

  6. hmmmm fave video yah
    ga urut yah, scara jg gw aga lupa n ga ikutin laruku saat2 ini :p

    blurry eyes, pv awal2 yg konsepnya simple, hyde-nya kali yah yg eye catchy wkwkwk
    niji, the outfit, and that dark art
    kasou, ini klo ga salah yg ada rose scattering gitu yah o.O
    jojoushi, idem sama pbdapatmu deh wlopun lagunya ga nancep :p
    seventh heaven, colorful banget, suteki suteki

    Novroz’ Answer
    Arigatou soff/kyo << not sure which one to call you hahaha

    Hahaha Blurry eyes itu pertama kali liat bikin gw ilfil 😦

  7. knapa g suka Pieces?
    gara2 fanfic yg kereeeeeeeeeeeeeeen banget, jd tiap liat ni PV jd nangis sndiri *lebay*

    knapa g suka Blurry Eyes & Vivid Color?
    entahlah, lagunya ga ngebosenin euy

    knapa g suka Jyojoshi?
    aaaargh, disini romansa Hyde n hubby tetchan tampak nyata, wakakaka… *bener2 korban fiku*

    knapa g suka I Wish (punk en Ciel)
    slain lagunya, ya yg nyanyi kan hubby Tetchan, euh euh euh,…

    skian dan sankyuuuu

    Novroz’ Answer
    Gyahaha penilaiannya berdasarkan fanfic…ampun deh *geleng2*

    Pemilihan gw diatas ga da satu pun yg berdasarkan lagu loh…murni liat videonya doank…kalo pake berdasarkan lagu, bisa2 gw ga bisa milih habis buat gw semua lagu larc bagus2

  8. Nyahahaaa…kye dulu jaman masih sering sms-an lumayan sering ngebahas juga ye soal pv2 en lagu laruku…
    Sebenernya rada bingung juga bwt nentuin..karena lumayan banyak yg gw suka..en mungkin bisa ja dwaktu laen voting-an gw ni akan berubah…tp tuk saat ni yg da dkepala gw y 5lagu ni yg kepilih…eheheheee… ;p
    1. jyojoshi ; suka ajah ma nuansa nih video..warna en cahaya dr nih video biqin gw maqin suka ma nih pv.. 🙂

    2.Snow Drop ; sebenernya nih video yg biqin gw pertama kali jatuh cinta ma hyde..karena awale gw lbih suka tetsu. Plus gw suka scene pas bunga yg gi mekar itu, tumbuhan2 en binatang2nya..kostum mereka en salju-nya…eheheheee…

    3.Pieces ; sebelum gw baca fikku..gw emang dah berfikku ria typ liat nih pv..ahahahahaaa…en hyde imut…keliatan pendek banget ye dmari..paling suka adegan tetsu yg di stab hyde ituuuu… :p

    4. shinsoku ; suka liat butterfly-nya, palagi yg da dmulut hyde itu…en suka banget ma make-up hyde…tobh…

    5. Blurry Eyes ; nih pv biqin gw dejavu ma laruku typ liat carousel…en alasan lain2nya…ahahahaaaa *wink2*

    Novroz’ Answer
    Di snow drop, hyde kayak anak kecil banget hehehe tiap liat PV itu gw jd senyum2. Hahahaha bener bgt!!! di Pieces hyde keliatan puendeknya!!

    Tadinya gw mau memasukkan Shinsoku ke dalam list…tp akhirnya dikalahkan oleh Niji.

    Ternyata pd suka blurry eyes…PV yg membuatku shock itu.

    Thx ya wid dah mau mengkomen 🙂

    1. br ngeh dah dreply…

      Ho-oh….pokoke yg paling t-fave sie Snowdrop en Pieces sebenernya…yg laen masih mungkin berubah swaktu2….tp neh dua dah pasti akan trus jd fave gw d!!!

  9. 1. stay away –> cukup shock melihat mereka ngedance. tapi jadi suka sekaliiii. okeh banget deh koreografinya

    2. shine –> visualnya bagus, indah. warna2nya bagus, kaya iklan tipi. ga bosen ngeliatnya

    3. pieces –> akang Hyde disini terlihat cool banget, tapi jadi ketawan pas lagi jalan doi pendeknya minta ampuuun. nyahahaha.. tapi daku mengaguminya sejak itu ^^

    4. forbidden lover –> suka nuansa blue-black-grey di video ini walopun settingnya mirip ama Nine Inch Nails-perfect drug. yah sebenernya sih suka ama lagunya duluan lalu jadi suka videonya juga.

    5. seventh heaven –> lagi2 suka karna penampilan akang Hyde. dan videonya cocok banget sama lagunya. makes me wanna dance. ow yeah.

    Novroz’ Answer
    Sankyu Yan 🙂

    Hmm…tp ini kenapa bukan pk English Ya?? haha kan biar lebih keren!!

    Yg lo pilih gw suka semua 🙂 ga da 1 pun yg bakal masuk worst video.

  10. hakhakhak…lagi males ber-english ria. menurut gue seburuk apapun video laruku, akan tetap menarik kalo ada Hyde nya ^^

    Novroz’ Answer
    hehehe emang betul sih…selama masih ada muka imut itu videonya masih menarik untuk dilihat.

    Tapi nnt gw akan berlaku adil kok….tidak menganggap hyde atau lagunya dulu…murni liat video aja

  11. Phewww! Finally found the post. 🙂
    So my top 5 fav Laruku videos are:
    5. Ready steady go – it’s so simple, yet so great! I sure do like it a lot. Not to mention the fact that all of them look amazing there.
    4. Seventh heaven – so colorful and ingenious! I have to mention that i like the video more than i like the song tho.
    3. Stay away – this was actually the first video/song of Laruku that i saw/listened and i fell for them right away. Great video, great song.
    2. Link – there’s no way one doesn’t like the Link video. It’s absolutelly great! Bright and shiny and it puts a smile on your face.
    1. Jiyuu e no Shoutai – the most inventive, ingenious, creative video in my point of view. No matter how many times i’ve seen it, every time i put this song on, i must see the video along with it. I just love it! 🙂

    1. What?? I’m sure it’s not that hard to find 😉

      I have to let the sticky off because of my tribute post.

      You forgot to mention that Hyde looks extremely gorgeous in Jiyuu e no Shoutai hahaha in my opinion this video is his best look

      Thank you for sharing your top 5 🙂

  12. Hi~! (^_^) I’ve stumbled upon this entry while randomly Google-ing for Laruku, because I’m bored and when I’m bored, I search for Laruku-related websites. XD

    Anyway! I must say I love this entry!!! (^w^) I’m a big fan of Laruku and my favorite member used to be hyde but now it’s yukkie~~~ Sorry, hyde! XD [/random]

    I also find their PVs very artistic and symbolic, Laruku is such a great band~~! (*w*) Oh, I also voted in the poll, I hope you won’t mind! 😀 And I must mention that Drink It Down is my favorite Laruku PV, because it’s really sexy! (^_~)

    1. Hi (^_^)/

      Hahaha we are like two peas in the same pot… I also love google-ing for Laruku (and Muse) when I am bored.

      Arigatou 🙂 this is my 1st series of Tribute to Larc

      Gyaaaa… I too love yuki-nichan :), tho I love seeing Hyde’s face but my number one larc member is Yuki .

      Of Course i won’t mind…In fact I’m really really glad you’ve voted 🙂 …arigatou.

      1. *laughs* I love reading blog posts about Laruku, so this entry made me very happy~~! \^o^/

        And uwaaah, you’re so great for posting entries as tribute to Laruku! (*o*) I’ll be sure to read everything~~! Do your best, ne!!! (^o^)/*

        Heheh, hyde’s the reason why I fell in love with Laruku~ But as time goes by, I started to like yukkie more and more~~ But I still love hyde all the same! XD Maybe it’s just that my love for yukkie exceeds my love for hyde by .00001%! XD

        Yay, you’re welcome~! \^o^/

        1. Hai…Tribute no koto gambare!!

          I’m planning to make an icon for this tribute once my computer fixed.

          Finale is the reason I fell in love with them. After hearing Finale, I was so curious about their other songs and I downloaded many of them and love them all…I saw them (their pictures and videos) few months after falling in love with their songs.

  13. I loooove laruku so damn much! Hehehe.. ^.^’

    N my fave PV are..
    Drink It Down.. Gosh,,they’re really sexy.. The vampiric style n the song really match! >3_^

    I like reading your blog.. Keep writing! ^o^9

    Tho now i like the GazettE too, but my first love, L’Arc~en~Ciel, never dies! Yay!!

    1. Thank you Lightakari for stopping by and sharing your love for Laruku here 🙂

      I also have another love now, it’s MUSE, but my love for Laruku will never withered

  14. Sorry for spamming you.. Here my top 5 PV..

    1. Drink It Down.. Gosh,,they’re really sexy.. The vampiric style n the song really match! >3_^

  15. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog while googling. Even though this is an old post, I can’t help but replying because it is related to laruku. Hehe..

    It’s too difficult to narrow down the list to only Top 5 but these are my faves:
    5. Pieces
    I like the cursed knife passing on for generations concept. And hyde whipering to Tetsu before stabbing him looks so intimate. I kinda imagine him saying something like, “I love you, I kill you”.

    4. Blurry Eyes
    I think this got to be most people’s introduction to old laruku, it is mine as well. With Ken looking like big bird, Tetsu’s bird nest hair, hyde looking too wrongfully pretty on a carousel and Sakura still around, there are just too many things to love and laugh about. 😛

    3. Niji
    I agree with you. This is just so artfully done. I like the idea of apocalypse, nailed apples and creepy kids. Well.. the creepy kids used to scare me.. I think this is a great comeback video and song for them. You can see that the video look more expensively done compared to previous PVs. ..especially DUNE and its fake moon. Hehe.. 😛

    2. Brilliant Years
    I don’t know whether this is considered a PV but I like the collection of laruku moments in this video. You can see how funny and close they were last time. And lots of pretty, pretty hyde, ken with lipstick, etc. Aaah.. nostalgia.

    1. Kasou
    Kasou is the song and the PV that got me to love laruku. I totally love the darkness and the use of red to symbolize sexiness in the song and PV. And hyde’s shaven brows! Haha.

    1. Lumpy…it’s so nice to see your comment, I wish everyone who stumbled on this post would either vote or comment…and the beauty of this post is, it’s timeless 😉 … all my laruku’s posts are timeless. I like discussing about them regardless how old the post is.

      It’s nice to see that everyone has their own version of ‘Best’

      I agree that the knife concept is a really good concept, it creates a good short story. I wish they make another PV with story like Pieces again.

      Hehehe Blurry Eyes was my 1st video I am awared of (actually, the 1st was Stay Away but I didn’t really pay attention to it)…and Honestly, I was shocked! Fortunately I had fallen deeply in love with their songs and the girly PV couldn’t make me love them less.

      I don’t have to say anything on Niji anymore 😉 a beautiful dark video.

      I saw Brilliant Years long long time ago, makes me wonder where I keep that video.

      Hehehe Kasou always reminds me of Hyde moving his hip all the time *dirty thought*

  16. I really love the versatility of Laruku’s PV. Yes, as they age, their PVs get better, but that also has a lot to do with what they could afford financially (in the art of filmmaking – money really is everthing.) I love that they’re always trying to do something they’ve never done before with their PVs. So many other bands stick to an overall theme throughout all their pvs, and they don’t change it up too much, but with L’Arc, they are always unexpected- which is awesome

    1. That’s what I like about Larc en Ciel!! they keep changing by the year, their music is changing, their style is changing, their PV is changing… but no matter how much they change, they still have their basic personality that defines them

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