BTT: History

Given the choice, which do you prefer? Real history? or historical fiction? (assuming for the purposes of this discussion that they are equally well-written and engaging)

Because I love fiction…I would choose reading historical fiction.

In my opinion, real history has to stay in its actual event no matter how boring it is … if not it can mislead the readers and that would coz a lot problems.

As for historical FICTION…the word fiction allowed the writter to exaggerate a bit and it’ll make the book more interested.

For example, let’s take a look at The DaVinci Code…I know Jesus has no children but the way Dan Brown explains the history is interesting. Another example is Michael Crichton’s Timeline, it was so much fun reading a bit of France’s history.I wouldn’t imagine my self reading the history of France.

I tried reading real history once…It was about the man that all Moslems adored…my beloved prophet Muhammad. I love Him and adore Him but reading his real story made me sleepy…But I watched His history more than 10 times and listened to it more than I can count.
(tho I really wish one day I can read it and it’ll be the only real history I ever read)

The conclusion is historical fiction has some amusing parts and real history is way better in form of movie or documentary or something we can watch.

I enjoy watching a lot of history and never read one 🙂

So… how bout you?

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