I visited JF-Library (Japan Foundation) about 2 weeks ago and I finally found the corner where they put all mystery, horror and suspense books. I was overwhelmed by this discovery. From the title and the summary on the cover…they all sound like great books. I couldn’t decide which one I am going to borrow.

Out of impulse I chose Crossfire by Miyuki Miyabe. I honestly chose this book because it reminds me of Stephen king’s Firestarter (tho I haven’t read it but I know the outline of the story). And once again this book defies this familiar quote ‘don’t judge the book by its cover’… why?? I picked this book simply based on its title and it was amazing!! I love this book. It has a twisted irony.

The characters are well built, none of them can be considered as true evil or true angel (most Japanese books are like this), and everyone has their own secret, both dark side and good side. It’s a paranormal book with plenty of humanity poured into it. I enjoy every page on this book, it was a great journey closed with a beautiful taste of irony.

I really like how the story changes from a full suspense of killing spree into something more emotional and heartbreaking.

The Story (copied from the cover)

Young, pretty Junko Aoki has the extraordinary ability to start fires using just willpower. Furthermore, she believes it to be her duty to use her pyrokinetic powers to punish violent criminals who have invaded justice.

A chance encounter one night sends Junko Aoki on a mission to rescue a young woman abducted by a vicious gang of youths. The trail of bodies she leaves across Tokyo attracts the attention of two very different groups: a secretive vigilante group that tries to recruit her, and arson squad of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

Hardly able to keep up with Junko’s killing spree, detective Chikako Ishizu finds herself drawn deeper into a case that defies belief.

Although an opposite sides of the law, both Junko and Chikako are committed to fighting evil, and both find their deeply held beliefs challenged. While Junko is increasingly disturbed by the innocent lives lost in the crossfire, Chikako is gradually forced to accept the possible existence of paranormal powers

Crossfire takes us on a hair-raising journey through the landscape of urban Tokyo – a journey that challenges us, along with Chikako, to consider what’s right and what’s wrong in the name of justice.

I am not going to write the story more that what has already written on the cover because it already explained everything. But I just need to put few emphasizes on Junko Aoki and Chikako Ishizu and some other characters.

Because of her power, Junko never let anyone come close to her. She is a lonely loaded weapon. Chikako Ishizu is a woman detective whose receives her position simply because of political issue. As the story goes, Junko meet another man, Koichi Kido, who has special power like herself and she can finally open her heart and fells less lonely than before. Meanwhile, Chikako Ishizu is teaming up with an eccentric detective named Makihara. Unlike Chikako, Makihara believes in the existence of pyrokinetic power. Both of them pursue the matter through a young girl named Kaori Kurata who happens to have the same ability as Junko.

I have to admit that I enjoy reading about Junko more than Chikako. The story that surrounded Junko is more interesting to read compare to Chikako’s ways of finding Junko. Even reading about Makihara is still better than reading about Chikako. Haha maybe it’s because I always find more excitement in the life of unusual people.

I find mixed review on this book in goodreads…that’s why I always read people’s opinion after I finished the book because I don’t want their opinion clouded my own opinion. As for me, I gave this book 5 stars (It was amazing)

Teasers from this book >> here

I also used this review as my 7th review for Japanese Literature Challenge 3


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