Thriller & Suspense Challenge 2010!

I found this Challenge after visiting Marce’s blog and because I LOVE THRILLER AND SUSPENSE, I am going to join in without any hesitation 🙂

The challenge was to read at least 12 thriller and suspense books within 1 year. For further detail, click on the picture.

Huahaha that’s so easy and I am sure that I’ll read more than 12 books by the end of the year…it’ll be filled mostly by the great Mr. Stephen king, because I am addicted to him.


These are the books I’m going to read:

  • The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King, I had just finished the book and although it’s not January yet…I decided to post my review anyway 😉
  • Crosfire by Miyabe Miyuki (which also included in my Japanese Literature Challenge 3), it’s about a girl who can control fire and uses it to fight crimes.
  • Insomnia by Stephen King, I read this a month ago and because the book is so heavy I couldn’t continue reading it on bus and decided to put a stop on reading it and will continue it during school’s holiday next week.
  • Stangers by Taichi Yamada (which also included in my Japanese Literature Challenge 3), it’s about encounter with ghosts.
  • Hannibal Rising by Thomas Harris, I guess everyone knows who Hannibal is 😉
  • The Manhattan Hunt Club by John Saul, this will be my 1st Saul’s book…I hope I will like it coz someone told me he is in the same genre as Stephen King
  • The Dark Tower 1- The gunslinger by Stephen King, I’ve been searching for this book for quite some times and finally find it 🙂 so eager to start reading it.
  • Dark House by Gary Crew, I had this book for a year now and still hasn’t finished it yet 😦 I will definitely do it this year.
  • Dragon Tears by Dean Koontz, like Saul, this will also be my first Koontz’s book because someone told me he is in the same genre as Stephen King.
  • Alice in Jeopardy by Ed McBain, it’s about a girl being kidnapped. This book is my student’s challenge for me…she bought a book based on cover and asked me to read it.
  • Night Shift by Stephen King (again!!! hehe). It’s a compilation of short stories.

So far…those books are on my TBR list of 2010…but I can assure you that it’ll grow because I couldn’t keep my hand (and eyes) away from this genre.

I am looking forward to read reviews from other bloggers who join this challenge 🙂


Updated in October 13, 2010

I finally finished the challenge with extra 2 books. Here is the wrap-up post.


  1. Hi welcome to the Thriller & Suspense challenge, I’m glad you signed up!. This challenge begins 1st Jan so only includes books read from this date. Also I had to delete your review as that is the SIGN UP page. On the 1st Jan I will be putting up another Mr Linky for reviews and will do this each month. I hope that this explains it a bit more 🙂

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