Hello Japan!

I have been joining in this Challenge for 2 months and realized that I haven’t made an introduction for this challenge yet…Shame on me!!

This challenge is all about Japan.

I love almost everything about Japan.

My love for Japan 1st came from Manga…I love reading Manga, especially Shounen Manga. My favorite Manga of all time is Onepiece by Eiichiro Oda.

Then I encountered Dorama and it is waaay better than meaningless Indonesian Sinetron…I fell in love with dorama the minute I saw Anything For You. I like a lot of Dorama and had made review for some of them (mostly written in Indonesian but I’ve been writing in English lately).

And after that, I started paying attention to almost everything about Japan. I fell deeply in love with L’Arc~en~Ciel, the greatest band in Japan (at least for me). I learn Nihongo… jibun de bekyoushimasu kara atashi no nihongo wa amari jyozu jyanai desu. I ate some of Nihon Ryouri, as long as it is still Halal (allowed by my religion). I also love Haruki Murakami’s books and many other Japanese writers.

So…when I found this mini challenge, I haven’t got the slightest hesitation to join in 🙂

Here are the challenges:

November 2011
Topic/Task – Five Favourites
November Links
My post: Top-5 Dorama

September & October 2011
Topic/Task – When One Isn’t Enough (Compare two works)
September & October Links
My Post: Lontong Vs Onigiri; Death Note

August 2011
Topic/Task – Origami
August Links
My Post: Sea Turtle Origami

April 2011
Topic/Task – Back to School
April links
My Post: Reasons for learning Japanese

March 2011
Topic/Task – Manga
March Links
My posts: Rose of Versailles, Onna no Mangaka, female manga artists.

January 2011
Topic/Task – Something new
January links
My Post: The Paper Door and other Stories, Okuribito

November 2010
Topic/Task – Five Questions (a Japan meme)
November link round-up
My Post: Hello Japan! meme

October 2010
Topic/Task – Japanese spooky
October link round-up
My Posts: Yuyu Hakusho – The Dark Tournament, Doubt, The Tokyo Zodiac Murder, Moon Child

August & September 2010
Topic/Task – Summer Double (compare two works)
August & September link round-up
My Post: Ringu: The Origin, The Adaptation, The Screw-up

July 2010
Topic/Task – Haiku
July link round-up
My Post: Japanese Death Poems

June 2010
Topic/Task – Manga
June link round-up
My Posts: Hello Manga!, Most Often Cosplayed, Subarashii Manga

May 2010
Topic/Task – Japanese sports/athletes
May Link Round-up
My Post : Norifumi Abe

April 2010
Topic/Task – A celebration of spring and sakura
April Link Round-up
My Post : Sakura Across Deviantart

March 2010
Topic/Task – Haruki Murakami
March Link Round-up
My Post: Birthday Stories , short stories selected by Haruki Murakami

February 2010
Topic/Task – On the Big Screen: Japanese Film
February Link Round-up
I missed this month’s challenge 😦

January 2010
Topic/Task – Japanese music
January Link Round-up

My Post: J-Music is all around us, consist of: Tribute to L’Arc~en~Ciel, Taiko and The Amazing Hono O Doiko, The Sounds of Anime and Tokusatsu

December 2009
Topic/Task – Temples and shrines of Kyoto
Link Round-up
I have nothing to write on temples

November 2009
Topic/Task – Eat Japanese food.
Link round-up
My Post: Ramen and Others

October 2009
Topic/Task – Read or watch something scary, spooky or suspenseful.
Link Round-up
My Post :Natsume Yuujinchou


  1. Thank you for mentioning the Hello Japan! mini-challenge. I just updated the post for December’s task because I think it sounded more difficult that it really is. All you have to do for this month’s mini-challenge is just Google one of the many temples or shrines in Kyoto and post a photo of it, or some interesting fact about it. Maybe you’ll reconsider? 🙂

    1. Well…googling requires a PC with internet connection.

      I have a PC with no internet connection 😦 I usually use my school’s internet but my school is currently on end of term holiday.

      So if I have a chance to go to internet rental…I will do it 🙂 not quite so sure tho :/

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