Kroten’s Journal: The Voracious Kroten

Kroten always loooveeee to eat….look how eager she becomes when seeing food!!

Kroten is running away with a Ipoema aquatica (kangkung)on her mouth…she is looking for water.

I love this one!! I was eating a sweetcorn, and when Kroten sees it, she chased me around. I took my camera and showed her the corn again…And look what happened! hehe

This is the funniest of all the videos…hahaha look at how big her appetite is!!! She even tried to eat cables!! She got stung with low voltage electricity, poor girl 😉


  1. TenTeeeeeen rakuuuuuuussss!!!!

    Novroz’ Answer
    Hehehe begitulah!!! Ga tahan gw liat kerakusannya…tp luthu jd suka gw kerjain ;p

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