A Lovely Community: Booking Through Thursday

But enough about you, what about ME?

Today’s Question?

What’s your favorite part of BOOKING THROUGH THURSDAY? Why do you participate (or not)?

I am posting this week’s BTT a bit late due to my mom’s condition. I’m happy I have spare time to write this week’s wonderful question 🙂

Why am I participating??

1. Because I love books, but I don’t like reading book reviews from official sites…by joining BTT I can read recommedations from fellow book lovers 🙂 I prefer knowing about certain books this way.

2. I love talking about books with another book lovers Indonesia is not a good country when it comes to reading. Most of Indonesian prefer watching than reading…so I can only meet few people who enjoy talking about books…in BTT, I can talk about books as much as I want and I got to read other people’s opinion as much as I want too 🙂

3. The people joining BTT are so nice I really enjoy everyone’s honest and polite opinion. Everyone here never said bad things on other people’s taste of books, even though their books are the worst books in someone else’s opinion. It’s a lovely community

4. I enjoy all the questions tho sometimes I found difficult questions…these difficult questions challenged my brain to think, and I enjoy this moment of thinking as well as the moment without thinking ;). I gain new knowledge on every questions.

Those are the reasons why I enjoy BTT…a one lovely community ♥ ♥ ♥

1 Comment

  1. Brlliant answers! I love the way that you have set out your answers to the question! Thanks for the lovely comment!
    Hugs, Bethxx

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