Thank You Youtube

Today I had no partner!!

Ms. Bitch (Ms. Jutek) was no longer in 67 (yeeeeaaa) and Mr. New Kid had job training.


Fortunately, most of them hadn’t done ‘writing lyric’ yet…so I gave that task to some of the classes.

The 1st and 2nd class were 11 IPA 2 n 11 IPA 3. None of them had done it…so without any hesitation…I gave them that task. I told them to hand it in (tho I it wasn’t something important…I told them to hand it in just to scare them so that they would do it). No real problem there 🙂

Then came 11 IPA 1 …it isn’t my class!! I was confused, I didn’t know what to give them. 20 of them had done ‘writing lyric’ when I was handling them while Ms. Jutek was absent without notice. So I told them to do dyned…unfortunately, not all dyned were working *damn*. And finally, I just gathered them all and told them few ghost stories 😉 it was a fun activity…very enjoyable.

Next came 11 IPA 4…all of them had done ‘writing lyric’. Hmmm…what should I do??

Then…I remembered Youtube 😉 I searched for Stephen King’s short story and found Grandma. I turned that small computer screen so that they could see it…not corfortable but it was okay…and they enjoyed it too. Unfortunately the movie was unfinished.

After the break…I asked them to borrow LCD so that they can watch it in bigger screen. I searched for some movie and found Shaun of The Dead, a very funny zombie movie. Too bad I could only found part 1…but they seemed to enjoy it.

To fill the last 5 minutes, we watched Happy Tree Friends hehehe

I decided to searched free download for Shaun of The Dead…and voila…I found it 🙂 hehehe the plan is to use that movie as after the final test activity 😉

So…in conclusion…Thank you youtube and thank you internet 🙂

As for the other 2 classes (both were 10th grade), I gave 1 of them ‘writing lyric’ and the other ‘writing poem’

One Comment Add yours

  1. dhilaaz says:

    shaun of the dead is a very silly movie indeed.. I once watched it on bioskop transTV, hahaha

    btw did that ms.jutek quit or what?

    Novroz’ Answer
    Hahaha silly indeed…and I enjoy all the scream…tho it is funny, it is also scary 🙂

    YUP!!! She is out of my life…Thx God

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