MotoGP 09 – Valencia

Today is the last race of MotoGP 2009…but for me, the hype lies on GP250. MotoGP has already had its World Champion while GP250 is still in progress.


Aoyama has collected 17 points more than Simoncelli, which mean that he can still be the world champion even though he finish in 11th spot…but Aoyama seems to set his goal as the world champion and the Valencia champion as well.

Aoyama tried to keep himself amongst the front riders. He managed to stay in 2nd position for few laps…But Simoncelli, tho he will not win the race unless Aoyama crash down or finish after 11, seemed eager to win this series. 20 laps to go, Simoncelli was able to take Aoyama’s position. 2 laps later, something dramatic happened, Aoyama was forced to ride off the track into the gravel…fortunately he managed to keep his bike steady and returned to track. Lady luck seemed to stand on his side coz when he returned to the track, he was in 11 position…if he keep this going on, he can still earn his title. The one who cased Aoyama to ride on the gravel was Barbera, when Aoyama was going to turn his bike Barbera hit his break and causing Aoyama to pull his bike before a crash happened.

The drama kept on happening. Aoyama able to move 2 spots to 9th position. And once again, destiny showed how Aoyama was meant to be this year’s champion…Chuzel crashed down and automatically made Aoyama as the 8th rider. …and to make it better, Simoncelli crashed down 7 laps before the race was over!!! Whuahaha I was laughing at this precious moment.

Finally, Aoyama finished at 7 and became the last GP250 World Champion. Next year, there will be no GP250 anymore, it will be change into Moto2.
Congratulation Hiroshi Aoyama!!! Tho you are not as good as Daijiro Katoh but it sure is great to see another fellow Asian win this race.

What happened in MotoGP was not as exciting as in GP250…well it was a bit boring. Stoner fell down during warm up lap and decided not to continue the race. The race was a bit slow, there’s no outstanding overtaking. Pedrosa led the race, and as always, he did it by giving a long space between him and the second rider. Pedrosa is not a good rider when it comes to race with lots of overtaking.

The most amazing rider in this race was Ben Spies. He just moved to MotoGP, he is the reigning world champion of Superbike, and he showed a great performance. When the race started, he was in 12th position…in the end of the race, he was in 7th position…that’s pretty awesome for a newbie 🙂
The standing was Pedrosa, Rossi, Lorenzo, Edward, Hayden, Elias, SPIES, Dovizioso, Kalio, DeAngelis and DePuniet.

That’s all for this year…see you again in 2010 🙂 I hope Hiroshi Aoyama can prove himself in MotoGP next year 🙂
Once again….
Congratulation to Valentino Rossi and Hiroshi Aoyama \(^_^)/

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