This Is It

THIS-IS-ITI’m not sure whether to categorize this movie as movie or music…but I decided to put it as Music….just like when I usually write my reviews on certain concert.

I am not Michael Jackson biggest fans! I love his music..that’s true! but I don’t collect all his album or follow his career….For me, he is an amazing artist but I am not a fan. As I said in my previous post about they who captured my attention, I put Michael in group 3

This group consists of those I really like, I don’t listen to them daily and I don’t have complete collection of their works…but I often listen to them, they give extra color in my heart

I wanted to see this movie the minute I saw the trailer… but I’ve been busy with my mom and my job. when Wulan told me it was amazing…I had to find a way to see it. Fortunately, yesterday I didn’t have class and so did my best friend, Mery…so THIS IS IT! here we come!!!!

I enjoy every minute of that show. It really captured the best of Michael’s talent and the his greatest concert ever…or should I say, his supposed to be greatest concert ever.

The training stage, that’s how I like to call it, and the rehearsal showed how amazing the concert will be.

The 1st song was a song I now so well but I never could remember the title. Next came Jam with a great dance choreography. Before the next song began, we could see the preparation to make 5 people turn into thousands of people, it was going to be use as the background for They Don’t Really Care About Us, one of my favorite songs. The following song is an old ballad which I’m not so sure about its title…I think it was Why o Why (i’m not sure tho).

The Producer, and of course Michael, were shooting the background for Smooth Criminal, it was identical with the old version but with a bit more effect. And as always, Smooth Criminal was performed is an awesome way. The next song was The Way You Make Me Feel, Michael remixed this song into something slower but it was only in the beginning, the rest of the song was just like it’s usual beat. Then Michael sang a collection of Jackson 5 songs, such as I Want You Back and I’ll be there.

I Just Can’t Stop loving You came next…it is also one of my favorite songs…Michael was duetting with a woman…and it was a great duet. They also made a short film to open Thriller…and we got to see that famous dancing 🙂 I like their make up…way better than the old one. Beat It and Black or white came afterward.

This isn’t something exaggerate, I cried when Michael sang Earth Song, this song had made me shed a tear the 1st time I heard it, and yesterday is no exception. The way Michael sings it, the music and the feeling given to the song and the background film that really scared me and it made me cried. I have been aware of Global Warming and Illegal logging for quite some times and this song really hit the nail…seeing a forest turn into dust really set me off.

The most interesting part in Billie Jean was Michael’s dance…I couldn’t believe that someone who moved like the healthiest man alive died few days later. The rehearsal was closed by Man in The Mirror, a song that touch my heart like earth Song.

Everything about this documentary was worth to watch!! I wish I can see it again, but time is something I don’t have right now.


  1. It’s not Why oh Why. It’s Human Nature.
    Btw, when the show was closed by Man in The Mirror, it was THE moment where I shed a tear. It was sooo….overwhelming. THAT moment I was realized once again that he’s gone. Forever. And it’s sad to see that the younger generations are not going to be able to know this amazing human being.

    And, yes, it’s incredible to see a 50 year old man still has the move, regardless his health condition. Cool, eh?? and I love the part where he gave the moment for his guitarist to shine. It really shows that he’s not a diva. And the way he criticize everything is so…polite! Gosh, there are so many things we dont know about him. And it’s just too late now, huh?

    Novroz’ Answer
    So…My unsure-ness is true ;p

    I think you are wrong!! I think Michael is going to be like The Beatles…his music will not die with him. I can still find highschool students who enjoy The Beatles and I wont be surprise if 20 years from now I find a teenager enjoying his music.

    Hehehe the ‘late’ thing is only for you NOT me 🙂 I know all about him, the worst and the best….and I’ve enjoy his music since Elementary ( more than 19 years ago)

  2. “Hehehe the ‘late’ thing is only for you NOT me” -> that’s EXACTLY what I mean about younger generations regarding MJ. I mean, sure, they’d enjoy the music, but the hype will never be the same, right?

    Novroz’ Answer
    So…that’s what ‘we’ meant!

    So true!!! He sort of lost his hype after BAD (his album whem I was in elementary)…DANGEROUS (black n white is in this album) was not as famous as BAD…and after that his sales kept going down.

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