BTT :All About Something I Rarely Read

bttWhich do you prefer? Biographies written about someone? Or Autobiographies written by the actual person (and/or ghost-writer)?

I prefer the second one…I think. I’m not so sure about it because I haven’t read many biographies/autobiographies.

Both biographies aren’t my kind of reading…I prefer watching it in form of a movie rather than reading it….this kind of book always make me sleepy.

How bout you? Happy BTT 🙂

5 thoughts on “BTT :All About Something I Rarely Read

  1. Oh, funny – your title made me smile. I’m the same, but I think I could be persuaded.

    Novroz’ Answer
    I think I can be persuade by Haruki and Stephen King 🙂

  2. I went through my list of read books this year and biographies and memoirs only account for 2% of my list. So it’s something I rarely read too. My post is here if you want to see which memoirs I read.

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