Ten Yori Mo Hoshi Yori Mo


Cover Sora Yori mo
The Cover of Sora Yori Mo

Ten yori mo hoshi yori mo (天よりも星より) is translated into Setinggi Langit dan Bintang in Indonesian language, and As High As Sky and Stars in English. This is an old Manga by Michiyo Akaishi.It was released in 1987 in Japan and in 1993 in Indonesia. I first read this Manga somewhere in 1994…I forgot when I read it for the second time…this is my third time reading it and decided to write its review.

This Manga is considered as Shoujo Manga or Manga for girls…but unlike most Shoujo Manga, this Manga is more than just about love…there is reincarnation and super power (plus little information on Japanese history)… those are the reasons why I enjoy this Manga a lot.

I don’t know if you can still find this Manga… it’s been more than 20 years now.

The story begins when Mio Mizumori found herself as the only survivor on the tragic fire that destroyed her house and killed her parents. A boy named Shijo Tadaomi took her to his house and claiming that they were cousins. Mio’s life changed drastically after she moved into Tadaomi’s house. She soon realized that there was no blood connection between her and Tadaomi.

Shijo’s real intention was to know the strength of Mio’s power. He sent people to chase and pretend to kill her. On her way to save her life, Mio was saved by someone. She fell in love with her savior. Mio finally realized that she had the power to control water when she accidentally killed her chaser. She also found out that Shijo has the power to control fire, but unlike Mio, he can control his power and he had been using it for his own satisfaction.

Mio met her savior, his name is Rei Narumiya. Rei was disguising himself as a girl because someone tried to kill him when he was 4years old. After finding out that Rei was actually the boy who saved her, Mio and Rei were inseparable. Shijo got so jealous. A great fight between Rei and Shijo cost the life of Rei’s Father. Rei possessed the power to control wind. The incident made Rei decided to stop pretending to be a girl and became himself again, he became So Narumiya.

Shijo remembered his past life clearly, he knew that he was the Famous Nobunaga Oda, a man who had slaughtered so many people. Mio and So tried to remember their past life. Their search brought them to Shonan. Shijo prepared so many lies to separate them and told the police that So was kidnapping Mio.

On their run, Mio and So met Miyabi Fujiwara. This meeting brought ill fortune to Fujiwara’s family…but this meeting also made Mio and So remembered their past. They were the reincarnation of Minamoto Yoshitsune (another famous person in Japanese history) and Princess Shizuka. In the past, they died separately. And they came back just to find each other.

Will they live happily on their second life? Will Shijo able to separate them? That is something you have to find out by reading it.

I like the last sentence of this Manga, this is the main idea of the whole story.
I have been searching for you through time and space, farther than the vastness of sky and stars…farther…farther…You are the only one I ever love

I really like this Manga because it gave the sense of losing or missing something after I finished reading it. I give 4 stars out of 5 (I really like it)

Yo are the only one I ever love
You are the only one i ever love


I put this post as one of my 4th post for Japanese Literature Challenge 3

If you cannot find this Manga anymore and wondering how it ends, blacken this spoiler below!!

In the last battle between So and Shijo, Shijo decided to burn down Kamakura (a little town in Japan) and created chaos…at the same time, a series of earthquake shook this place. A policeman suspected that Mio had something to do with what happened to Kamakura, he pointed his gun to kill her…but, out of reflect, Shijo protected Mio with his body instead of his power. Although Shijo was heartless he truly loved Mio. The policeman kept following Mio and So…in the chaos caused by an earthquake, another policeman shot both Mio and So.

So told the police that his purpose in this world is just to find Mio. Before they died, they were asked to stop a big Tsunami that about to hit the town. Before they died, Mio said “It’s too fast… after we finally found each other”. So answered “But this time I won’t let you go anymore!
And then come the sentence I have written above.


  1. I just stsrted reading this!! I love Akaishi Michiyo’s works, I read Alpen Rose earlier this year…

    Your post has me excited to see more of this!

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