MotoGP 09 – Sepang, Malaysia

Compare to GP250, MotoGP is a bit boring….Not 100% boring, only a bit. What makes it boring is because their gap is too far.

Just like GP250…the spotlight goes to 2 riders, Rossi and Lorenzo. Rossi was in pole position while Lorenzo had to start from the last row because he was late coming to the track.

When the race start…Rossi pushed his bike and almost took 1st position but something happened, he ran wide and ended up in 8th position. Lorenzo was in 9th position. Stoner was riding comfortably in 1st position. Still in this 1st lap, Lorenzo was able to take Rossi’s 8th position. Few seconds later, Rossi was overtaken by Melandri. On 3th lap, Rossi regained his position and he held it on.

On the next few laps, all Rossi was stalking Lorenzo. Lorenzo rode pass through Capirossi and Rossi did the same. Then Lorenzo rode pass through Hayden, it was quite a race….Hayden was hard to be overtaken…but Lorenzo managed to win the battle. Few secondss later Rossi easily rode pass through Hayden. And then Lorenzo took Elias’ position and Rossi did the same…hahaha it was quite funny.

On the 8th lap Rossi overtook Lorenzo without difficulty. Rossi’s next move was to chase Dovisiozo…I think Rossi didn’t want to be world champion without standing on the podium. Lucky for him, on the 15th lap, Dovisiozo crashed down and otomatically put Rossi in 3rd position and a chance to stand on the podium.

Nothing special happened after that.

Stoner led the race by 17second ahead of Pedrosa. Rossi tried to get close but I think he was also being careful because it was an important race for his championship.

The race stayed like that till the last lap…and that what made the race a bit boring.

Stoner won the race but Rossi won the world championship…He defend his title as the World Champion.

Too bad I can’t see the whole celebration…it always fun to see his celebration.

Congratulation to Valentino Rossi for his 7th World Champion title, 9th if you count his title from 125cc and 250cc.

Hoping to see Stoner put a hard fight next year 🙂 ….but next year my attention will go to Hiroshi Aoyama 😉

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