MotoGP 09 – Sepang (GP250)

Because today’s GP250 was too damn awesome…I decided to write it in different post to MotoGP


Aoyama’s points are only seperated by 12 points with Simoncelli’s…today’s race was predicted to be one hell of a great race…and the prediction came true πŸ™‚

The highlight of this race is on Aoyama and Simoncelli. Aoyama started the race in pole position while Simoncelli in 8th position.

When the red lights were turned off Cluzel managed to take 1st position while Aoyama stayed behind him in 2nd position, Simoncelli was way behind in 6th position. On the 2nd lap, Simoncelli moved to 5th position. Aoyama also dis the same, he moved to 1st position but he made a terrible mistake and ended up falling behind to 4th position…right in front of Simoncelli. Few seconds later, both Aoyama and Simoncelli moved forward to 3rd and 4th position.

On the 3rd Lap, Cluzel was still holding on the 1st position while Aoyama was overtaken by Simoncelli…But Aoyama pushed his bike back to 3rd position by overtaking Barbera who was already been overtaken by Simoncelli. 1 lap later, Aoyama rode pass through Simoncelli but he rode too wide and ended up losing the spot again. Simoncelli made better move on Cluzel and rewarded with 1st position. Aoyama tried to get pass Cluzel before Simoncelli got too far ahead.

On the 6th lap, Simoncelli was getting away from Cluzel and Aoyama…but Aoyama managed to pass through Cluzel and started chasing Simoncelli. DiMagio and Bautista crashed down on this lap…too bad for Bautista because he could no longer fight for championship points.

Starting from 7th lap, the heat was rising up and my heart beat faster because of the intensity of the race. Aoyama was getting closer to Simoncelli and so did Cluzel to Aoyama. Cluzel made few moves that almost overtaken Aoyama’s position…but instead of taking Aoyama down, he was overtaken by Barbera. Cluzel managed to take his position back few seconds later. On the 9th lap, Aoyama pushed his bike to pass Simoncelli but he made another mistake and almost cost his championship…fortunately he was able to stay in the race and only lost 1 position. Few seconds later he re-take his 2nd position from Cluzel.

On the 10th lap, Cluzel was getting more and more threatening, he tried hard to get pass Aoyama. Unfortunately he crashed down 1 lap later…tho I don’t like seeing Cluzel stalking on Aoyama but I hate seeing him fell down like that. Pasini was also crashed down on this lap.

On the 12th Lap, My heart beat so fast because the competition between Aoyama and Simoncelli was getting more and more intense. Aoyama overtook Simoncelli’s position, but Simoncelli’s managed to take it back. Aoyama tried to pass him again and once again Simoncelli regained his position. Simoncelli held his 1st position for a while. 1 lap later, Aoyama rode pass through Simoncelli from inside lane…and like previous lap, these two riders tried to overtake one another. Fortunately Aoyama managed to keep his 1st position. Simoncelli made a huge mistake by riding wide…it gave chance for Aoyama to push his bike farther.

On the 15th lap, Aoyama had secure his position and his championship….I can breath easier now πŸ™‚ . Meanwhile, Simoncelli still couldn’t breath easier coz he had Barbera to worry about. Barbera almost took Simoncelli’s position several times. The fight between Simoncelli and Barbera continued till the end of the race.

On the last Lap…Aoyama won without difficulty…yeaaaa!!! Simoncelli and Barbera was so close…and finally, Barbera took 2nd position only…it was a close win!

So the standing were Aoyama, Barbera and Simoncelli. I was so excited to see Aoyama won and that made me forgot to see who came after Simoncelli.

It was a superb Race!! Amazing and not healthy for my heart…hahaha my heart beats so fast because I really want to see Aoyama win.

Now….Aoyama leads 21 points over Simoncelli πŸ™‚ …it will make him easier to win the championship πŸ™‚ …he will be the next Asian Rider to win GP250 after the great Daijiro Katoh πŸ™‚ ….and Aoyama has Katoh’s number on his back to honour the greatness of Daijiro Katoh

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