MotoGP 09 – Phillips Island, Australia

Today’s Race is not the best but it surely is way better than the previous race.

Rossi’s point and Lorenzo’s are only seperated by 18points, hence this race become crucial for both riders.

When the checkered flag was raised, Pedrosa rode pass through the other riders and took 1st position. But…Lorenzo was not as fortunate as Pedrosa…his eagerness to win has brought him to dust. He pushed his bike so hard and accidentally hit Hayden’s bike…Hayden managed to stay on his bike while Lorenzo came crashing down and made him unable to continue the race.

Meanwhile, The chase by Stoner and Rossi over Pedrosa became more intense. On the 2nd Lap, Stoner took Pedrosa’s 1st position easily…few seconds later Rossi also took over Pedrosa’s position. This position stayed till the race was over.

On the 1st 5laps, there was great battle to fight over 5th position. Rossi also started gaining speed to chase Stoner.

On the 8th lap, Rossi became more and more threatening over Stoner. On the 11th lap, Rossi almost took over Stoner but Stoner was able to control his bike and stayed in his position.

Somewhere between lap 8 and 9, Toseland was asked to stop the race because of his penalty…he had done a jumpstart.

On the 11th lap, Rossi has almost overtaken Stoner but once again, Stoner kept his position from Rossi. Nothing happened afterward.

Although Rossi was still trying to catch Stoner up but Stoner was just too strong to be overtaken. In the end, Stoner kept his 1st position, Rossi followed in 2nd and Pedrosa in 3rd. The rest that I can see were DeAngelis, Edward, Dovisiozo, Melandri, DePuniet and Kalio.

Rossi has the advantage on the championship points, he is now 38points above Lorenzo.

Tho this race lack of overtaking maneuver but the intensity is still transfered from the riders to the audiences.

2 more races to closed this year’s MotoGP series…the anticipation is getting higher 🙂

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