They Who Captured My Attention 2

I have already written about they who captured my attention in music industry, now it’s time to write about ‘They Who Captured my Attention in Movie Industry’. But I will not make this one into groups of likeness like what I did the music industry.

I like a lot of movies that do not depend on the actor and actress BUT I also watch a lot of movie simply because of the actor or actress.

Here are my favorite actors/actresses


Keanu Reeves. He is not an actor that has awesome acting skill…I have to admit this one. But he surely is the most handsomest of all actors I have ever seen in my entire life!! I have fallen in love with this down to earth actor since I saw him in SPEED. After that movie, I always try to watch every movie he played, especially when he was the leading Role. Some of the movies are awesome (like Matrix that have become my all time favorite movie), some are okay, and some are not worth to watch (I simply watch it because Keanu was in it, and when I watch it for the second time…I usually fast-forwarded the movie so that I will only see Keanu not the movie).

Sandra Bullock. Just like Keanu, I fell in love with this girl since SPEED…but I think sandy has better acting ability than Keanu. She usually plays romantic comedy, but once in a while she also played serious role like Crash and Premonition. I always try to watch every movie she played. I’m so glad to see her and Keanu back together in Lake House. In my eyes, sandy is so beautiful and nice to look at.

Tom Hanks…I like Keanu and Sandra because of their physic…But it’s different for Tom Hanks, his acting is the one that makes me always want to see his movie. He can play really good in many kind of movie. He had played in action, drama, comedy and even a drama which I called as one man show. I love almost all of his movies. His acting surely is taking my breath away. Too bad, as he got older, Oscar almost never touched him again 😦

Cillian Murphy

I 1st notice him in Batman Begins, he stole all my attention away from Christian Bale. And then I saw him in 28Days Later and I fell in love with his cuteness, but what made me become a fan is after seeing him in The Wind That Shakes Barley. He is not the kind of actor who only uses his cute face, his talent in acting is genius!! He isn’t as well-known as most Hollywood actors because he likes to play both big budget movie and Independent movie. I’ve seen most of his movies and he is always a different person. Critics call him as chameleon.


Mirai Moriyama. I had written about him in my previous post. He isn’t the most handsome of all Japanese actors…hell I don’t think other people will find him as handsome but me..hehe. I like him since I saw him in a drama called waterboy…his face is so comical, and I think his acting is really good…too bad he isn’t as famous as other actors who are better looking than him. I’ve watched all the drama and movie he played as far as my hand can get it…there are still some movies and dramas I still unable to get.

Nakama Yukie. The gorgeous Nakama Yukie had made me her biggest fans when I watched Ring 0, where she played as Sadako. She usually played in drama comedy. She doesn’t seem to mind to make a fool out of herself :). And like Mirai, I always want to get my hand on every dorama and movie she played. She played as the amazing teacher, Yankumi, n Gokusen.

These 5 people are my obsession. There are still other actors and actress that I like such as Christian bale, Cillian Murphy, Johny deep, Will Smith, Nicole Kidman, etc (mostly men)…but I do not chase every movies they played…sometimes it also depend on whether the movie has good story or not.

I have written some reviews on their movies…not much tho coz I don’t enjoy writing about movies as much as writing about books…But I decided to write as many movies by these 5 people as much as I can from now on 🙂

Their Movies/dorama in my blog

1. Keanu Reeves

2. Tom Hanks

3. Cillian Murphy

3. Mirai Moriyama

4. Sandra Bullock

5. Nakama Yukie’s Dorama Reviews


  1. I have fallen in love with this down to earth actor since I saw him in SPEED >> ditto!

    She doesn’t seem to mind to make a full out of herself >> fool, perhaps?

    btw, u dont like Kate Winslet? I love that actress to bits! Her accent, her talent, her wittiness! And also Keira Knightley and Emma Thompson. But I guess I’m just like u. I dont chase around ALL of their movies. Just the good ones.

    Btw, why didnt u inserted the young ones? Like Freddie Highmore, for instance? *wink!

    Novroz’ Answer
    Whahaha I didn’t realize I misstype that word..Okay I’ll fix it. Thx 🙂

    Well actually, I like Kate Blancet (Not sure with the spelling) a lot but I don’t go around chasing all her movies. The one I mention in here only to those I always chase around.

    Hmm…freddie hasn’t become the one I chase around yet.

    I’ve done a lot of research in my brain before writing this…and Only these 5 people totally capture my attention

  2. miss.. let me borrow Trick! I like nakama yukie too XD oh and sandy too XD

    Novroz’ Answer
    Whaaa you follow follow me aja!! (maksudnya ikut2an aja) hehehe

    ya sud ayo janjian…one piece eke juga masih di dikau

  3. hahahaha follow follow emangnya twitter?? :p

    ah iya wanpisnya belom dibalikin hehehe kapan ya miss? duh nanti dulu deh ya minggu depan uts nih DX
    tapi nanggung kyknya.. daku pinjem jg kyknya ga bakal sempet ditonton. kalo menjelang libur semester gimana miss?? *kelamaan ye =__=;

    Novroz’ Answer
    End of term holiday…when?

  4. when when (kapan2)
    huahaha jadi ngaco gini.. blom tau pasti miss, tp biasanya sih menjelang akhir desember kan..
    dikau mau ngajar di smansa depok ya?

    Novroz’ Answer
    Ayo donk secepatnya…pgn nntn 20th century boys nih hehehe

    Tadi br masukin lamaran…berharap diterima 🙂

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