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District 9

First, I want to say that DISTRICT 9 is FREAKIN AWESOME!!! I love the story and I love the action and the effects.

Since I saw the trailer…I knew this movie is a great movie…but I had so much to do and my friend couldn’t make it either…so I had to be patience and waited for the movie to appear in DVD version.

I’m not going to write about D-9 story line in here…because that’s only going to make the magic gone away. I am here to write about the feeling I got after watching the movie and the basic storyline.

I have never read any movie synopsis because synopsis tends to give spoiller…and I like to be blown away by any movie I watched without knowing the story beforehand.

D-9 is a movie about Alien and Human being relationship … BUT…unlike any other Alien-human movies, D-9 has a heart in it.

An alien ship landed on Johannesberg and the world decided to take them under their wings and set them a home in a place called District 9. Years later, people were getting uncomfortable with them and wanted the aliens to go away. A private company called MNU (Multy National United) was contracted to handle the moving out process. Before the moving out happens, things started to shift in different direction…things that will change a man’s life completely upside down.

The movie was made in a way that actual event really happened. A live interview, a news report were part of the movie.

What makes District 9 awesome are the amazing story, the action, the way it was directed. I give 2 thumbs up for the way Peter Jackson directed this movie, another 2 thumbs up for the writers, Neill Blomkamp and Terry Tatchell, and last but not least another 2 thumbs up for the cast, especially Sharlto Copley.


D-9 has entered the zone of my all time favorite movies.


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5 comments on “District 9

  1. Munish Gupta
    October 7, 2009

    its a very well made movie. A lot of attention has been paid to minutest of details just like Lord of the Rings. Its one of those kinds which hits you and says… this could happen to you….

    Novroz’ Answer
    I couldn’t agree more 🙂 …tho it is about Alien, you can’t help thinking what will we do if it happens to us.

  2. dhitzunako
    June 17, 2010

    Hehehe, stelah komen2 OOT di review lo soal The A Team, gue cm mo bilang: This movie is really awesome. It potrayed the evil side of human in a very heart-moving story. If you happen to know any other great movie like this, please let me know, yap? Eh, bukannya Peter Jackson jd produser ya? Tp kykny, bagi gue film dgn membawa nama PJ skrg lbh mnarik drpd SS. 🙂

    • Novroz
      June 17, 2010

      Haha i don’t know…I was too lazy to go to wikipedia to search who was the director. BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is IT’S FREAKIN AWESOME!!

      Too bad one of my students has this antipati felling toward this movie, she didn’t want to watch it even after I said it’s the best movie of 2009.

  3. Ferdinand Ogawa
    June 18, 2010

    Memang film ini saya bilang unik dan agak nyentrik.. Unik, karena Awalnya saya sempat bingung, ini film kok cerita terus kayak berita, Seperti reporter sedang meliput kejadian di TKP… Saya Bilang agak nyentrik, krn akhir-akhirnya Alien bisa bersahabat sama manusia (agak-agak aneh sih menurut saya).. Tapi secara keseluruhan film ini memang menarik untuk ditonton, SERU!!!…
    Thanks ya mba untuk referensinya… ^.^

    Ternyata susah jadi pembuat review macam mba… fiuuhh!

    • Novroz
      June 18, 2010

      Justru bentuk film ala berita itunyalah yg membuat kesan kuat terhadap filmnya…digarap sedemikian rupa jd seolah2 beneran…TOP bgt.

      hehe di saat 2 orang/species yg biasanya ga pernah sepakat tp butuh sesuatu yg sama…biasanya mereka akan bekerjasama…Jadi ga mengherankan…yah semacam simbiosis mutualisme.

      Hehehe membuat review itu gampang kalo kita memang suka 🙂 sy jrg mereview film2 yg menurut sy biasa aja (kl yg biasa2 aja suka sy gabung 4/5 film dlm 1 post)…nah kl sangat berkesan nulisnya jd lancar.

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