MotoGP 09 – Estoril

MotoGp 14th race was a boring race!!! It really fun to see Stoner’s come-back…I was hoping a one hell of action between Rossi-Stoner-Lorenzo…I don’t really care who will win since none of them are my fav…but I want to a tight race.

And what do I get?? NOTHING!!!

I was very tired today n the race really made me want to sleep. No overtaking on the front riders…fortunately, the back riders were showing great race.

On the 1st lap, Pedrosa made great manoeuvre that took him to the 1st place…but it didn’t last long, Lorenzo overtook Pedrosa and therefore pushed Pedrose to 2nd position. Entering 2nd Lap, Stoner rode pass through Rossi into 3rd position. Stoner’s next goal was Pedrosa. On the 3rd Lap, Stoner able to push his bike to take Pedrosa’s position. And this position last till the end of the race.

Nothing changed between those 4 riders from 3rd Lap till last lap 😦 ….BORIIIING!!!

What happened in the back was more interesting. Kallio fell down on 6th lap, at the same time Dovizioso overtook Hayden who was sitting on 6th position. On 7th lap, once again Hayden was overtaken by another rider, Elias. On the 8th lap, DeAngelis was unable to continue the race, he retreat to the pit.

On the 29th Lap, Capirossi followed DeAngelis’ act by retreating to the pit. On the 23rd lap, Elias moved forward and pushed Dovizioso away from his 6th position. And the last action was shown by Elias and Dovizioso…they were fighting up till the ckeckered flag, their were so close!! But…in the end, Elias took the 6th position and Dovizioso in 7th position.

The standings are Lorenzo, Stoner, Pedrosa, Rossi, Edward, Elias, Dovozioso, Hayden, Toseland, Vermeulen, DePuniet, Melandri and Canepa.

It was awesome to see Stoner back in the competition. But too bad the race was so far from awesome.

I hope the next race will be far better than this….Because I want to see The breathtaking action of MotoGP not the boring F1

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