Ikitemasu, 15-Sai

This is my 3rd book for Japanese Literature Challenge 3


Ikitemasu, 15-Sai (juu go sai) can easily be translated as I’m 15 years old and still living, but the Indonesian translation changed it into Aku Terlahir 500gram dan Buta (I was Born 500 grams and Blind). It was an autobiography by 15 years old Miyuki Inoue.

Miyuki Inoue was born premature, she only stayed for 20 weeks in her mother’s womb. Because of that she came into this world in comma and weighted only 500 grams. She was so small, her head was in the same size as an egg. The doctors said that she will only live for 2 or 3 days. Her mother, Michiyo Inoue, proudly said ‘No, My daughter will not die!!’

A mother’s pray is the strongest pray in this world, Miyuki lives on for years to come.

She was then diagnosed as having lack of blood calcium, high concentrate of Bilirubin in blood, anemia, rachitic, pneumonia, Cerebrum enlargement, Bronchitis deficiency and ROP. Her mother came everyday to the hospital to tend her. When she was 5 months old, doctor told her mother that she is blind. But, she lived on….

The book told us about Miyuki’s struggle in facing her life. She has a strong-will mother that sometimes annoyed her. She was forced to work harder than anyone else because she was not like other people, she is blind and too small for girls at her age. Sometimes, she hated her mother so much, she even called her evil…but everything that her mother did was for her best interest. Michiyo wanted Miyuki to be a strong girl and she won’t let Miyuki feeling sorry for herself because of her disability.

This book was written by a 15 years old girl…so…don’t expect to find it as a good written book. It is a good real life story written in frugal way of a teenager. It is like reading a diary of a teenager, a strong teenager in facing life. She poured out all of her feeling of being blind, her hatred to her mother, her love to her mother and what she had achieved in her life.

Michiyo’s way of raising Miyuki, as evil as might felt to Miyuki, has made Miyuki a better person. She can ride a bicycle, she has won so many writing competitions, and she is currently studying to become a nurse (on 2003).

I think this book is very interesting and encouraging. She wrote all the happiness, the sadness, and the struggle that she has been through throughout her life. I give this book 4 stars out of 5.


  1. I had a similar mother; although I don’t have a disability, she wanted me to be strong and brave, and she never pampered me. It helped me to be a competent adult, although as a child I wished for a little more coddling. 😉 I am interested in this book because it’s true, and because it tells a tale of courage. Those are the best kind of stories, overcoming adversity.

    Novroz no Henji
    Lucky my mom isn’t like hers and yours 🙂 but I wasn’t spoiled either.

    I agree!! A true story that shows courage is a great read

  2. Heeey!!!!!

    I’ve read this book, like, million years ago! I didnt know u’ve read it too!

    Yeah, I agree with u when u mentioned that this book felt more like a diary. Still, it’s a good reading. have u read the mother side of the story?? I havent.

    Novroz no Henji
    this is my 2nd time reading it 🙂 I was the one who suggested Miska to buy it for the library.

    Yup it’s a good read 🙂

    No I haven’t…want to, maybe one day

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