Muse’s The Resistance : Reviewed by Me

The Resistance

I have put the articles from other media about the review of The Resistance… Now, I will write down my own review. I’m not a musician and therefore this review is simply based on the ears of an ordinary people that happen to be Muse’s number one fans.

Previous reviews by pro> By a French Magazine and by MusicRadar

1. Uprising

This is MUSE!! This song is Muse song and no other. The smell of Muse is all round this song. I love the beat and I feel that it will be an amazing Live. There are a lot of claps. You can moved your body to the song’s beat without even trying to synchronize it.

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not enslave us
We will be victorious

2. Resistance

This song is beautiful…my favorite of all. It started with the sound of wind (or maybe something else) and then an intro by using the sound of a keyboard that reminded me of old petshopboys’ song….you know, so 80’s. The sound of the drum is very fun and liberating. Started with a slow tune to an upbeat tune. Very interesting and captured my heart instantly. I almost cried listening to this song for the 1st time and my heart beat as fast as Dom’s drum.

My favorite Phrase is in this part

Love is our resistance
They’ll keep us apart and they wont to stop breaking us down
Hold me
our lips must always be sealed

3. Undisclosured Desire

The way I see it, this song is the most easy listening kind of song. A beautiful that will be easily accepted. The weakest of this album but still enjoyable.

4. Guiding Light

Started with the sound of drum and then Matt started singing with his high voice. Is it just me or someone else feels the same, this song sounds like a national anthem. It takes 2 or 3 times for me to fall for it.

5. Unnatural Selection

I have fallen in love with this song since the 1st time I hear it in their LIVE at Teignmouth, a one hell of an awesome song!! The guitar riff is crazy, the bass is a wow and the drum is amazing. the ups and downs of the song is captivating.It kinda reminds me of Citizen Erased. I can easily imagine my self jumping up and down watching it Live.

There’s a part that I like the most, but unfortunately I can’t write the lyric down because I can’t find the lyric yet and Matt’s voice is hard to hear. (I’ll update it again next time)

6. MK Ultra

This song can easily described as Amazing guitar riff!! A powerful song that take me out of this world. I simply Love it!!

7. I Belong to You (Mon Coeur S’ouvre à Ta Voix)

It started with the sound of piano and hands clapping. The tune is very cheerful but it changes drastically in the middle of the song, the part where Matt started singing in French. It seemed like they are trying to touch your heart with this part. In the end, they went back to the first tune. It reminds me of an old song.

8. United State of Eurasia (+Collateral damage)

I have written about this amazing song when it first came out >Here

……As for the music, everyone can easily recognized how it is deeply influenced by The great QUEEN…I don’t know music note so forgive me if I make a wrong interpretation.

In my ear as a non musician, although it sounds like Queen but some parts remind me of Khasmir by Led Zeppelin. It has a thick essence of 70s and 80s kind of rock.

Muse closed the song with a solo piano that sounds like Chopin style. It sounds beautiful.Arabic sounds mixed with Church Choir and closed with Chopin, what an amazing combination!!!…

9. Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture)

I can’t say much about this song…it’s a truly captivating song.

10. Exogenesis: Symphony Part 2 (Cross-Pollination)

This one sounds more classic than part 1, maybe because of the way Matt played the piano. The part has a lyric, the kind of melody that has the same pace as Ruled by Secrecy. I really the piano part.

11. Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 (Redemption)

This last part is sort of like a closure…so sad and so deep.

Overall, I can say that Muse is able to make another record that sounds different from their previous albums (as all Muse’s albums are different to each other). We can easily hear the influence of Queen and 80’s music in this album.

I can’t wait to hear their next album and be blown away by it….But for now, pray to God they will come to Jakarta again and give another unforgetable Live.


  1. so what’s your rating overall?
    I’d give 8.75/10 (lol) why?
    1. they could’ve done much better with UD
    2. the album is short and lack of b-sides

    I absolutely love it. it’s much better than BHAR already! looking forward to see them live. if we’re lucky we can see them together! (MLers united!)

    I have my own bits of review soon. (check out my blog!)

    cheers! bu guru.hehe

    Novroz’ Answer
    I think I go with 9….b-side is not a problem with me 🙂

    UD can be considered as the weakest but many non-Muse fans might like it.

    Yeaaa…lets watch them together \(^_^)/

  2. Uprising: Considered it a pretty decent track when I heard it first, although I missed the guitar quite a lot. But then I suddenly found myself humming the chorus out of nowhere, and now I think it works extremely well as an opening.

    Resistance: Fell in love with it when I heard the chorus for the first time, easily one of the stronger tracks.

    Undisclosed Desires: Not too bad considering all the stuff in its recipe. Weaker lyrics and melody would have made this fail extremely hard. This song stays in my head for long periods of time, pop fans will probably consider it heaven.

    USoE: A very enjoyable track with strong lyrics and a brilliant melody. A future classic.

    Guiding Light: Somewhat average for this album, but the way it sounds is absolutely delightful. Liked the solo.

    Unnatural Selection: Easily my favourite track. I could write a huge list of praises for it, but I’ll leave that for better writers.

    MK Ultra: Not quite as strong as Unnatural Selection, but still an amazing track that deserves recognition.

    I Belong to You: Easily the weakest song on this album by far. I don’t know French, so I can’t judge Mathew’s pronunciation, I just don’t think Muse totally succeeded in whatever they intended with this track. But it’s not a bad song despite everything, it just isn’t on the same level as the rest of this album.

    Exogenesis_ Symphony: This was a definite success that will be remembered for a long time to come. Putting all three tracks together makes for the best part of this album in my opinion, even if I probably won’t listen as much to it as Unnatural Selection.

    On the whole: A very interesting listening experience that definitely didn’t disappoint. It’s on my top three Muse album list, alongside Origin and Absolution.

    This comment is not posted by the real person, I copied his review from If you click on the name, it will go to his profile in

  3. I just bought the album ^___^ I make it as a gift for myself as I finished my bloody postgraduate study. hohoho…

    I am not a muse fanatic, but I always have a great interest on their songs. I am getting more excited now coz they put more classical music element into songs.

    My favourite track(s) is definitely The Exogenesis symphony. Just like love at first sight. The third part is simply the best. perfect clocing. Matt is a truly genius musician.

    Then…I love Resistance. It gave me the same feeling as I hear Bliss.

    Next favourite would be Uprising. I can imagine myself punching my hand in the air as I sing aloud, “They…will not force us” in their concert

    You know what? I like UD better than USoE. but I agree with you that UD is a song for non-muse fan. it is so easy listening….

    Guiding Light, Unnatural Selection & MK Ultra… They are okay, but I need to listen to them several times until I can really really enjoy the songs

    I belong to you…. a bit cheesy (no wonder it is included in ‘New Moon’ ost.)

    overall, It is a great album. what a perfect gift! 😀

    Now…I want to swallow myself into the exogenesis dimension… @_@

    Novroz’ Answer
    Yeaaaa….congrats!!! Udah wisudanya?

    Have you seen their live at Helsinki?? they played Exogenesis….and it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!

    I have it here in my blog 🙂

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