They Who Captured My Attention

I once wrote about Kasta in Music…it was about giving level of likeness to music based on our like and dislike. But, at that time I was just doing short answers and asked some of my friends to do the same and put their answers on my blog.

Somehow…it didn’t feel enough…so I decided to re-write my band/singer classification. I’m going to use group 1 to group 4 from the ones I like the most to the one I never listen to.

Group 1

Group 1 is the musician I always hear everyday…not hearing any of them for just one day makes me feel like something is missing. And no matter how many times I have heard them, it never made me bored. The more I listen to them the awe it gives me. Right now I have 2 bands in this category. 1st is L’Arc~en~Ciel, I’ve fallen in love with this band since 2000 and everything they do has made me love them more and more. Their skill is getting better and their songs are getting deeper. They’ve been around for more than 15years…and hopefully it’ll last another 15years :). 2nd is Muse, I’ve fallen in love with this band since 2006 and become deeply in love with them after seeing them live in Jakarta. The only word that can describe them is GENIUS!! This band combines music from many era, they are totally different with most bands that showed up in the early 2000…they are in the different league with the others. Totally awesome and it keeps getting better. For these 2 bands, I always tried to get my hand on their original CD or DVD…buying pirate things or simply downloaded their works is not enough for me. For them, I spend my money gladly.

The greatest Bands

Group 2

2nd groupThis group consists of bands that I like the most. I collect a lot of their works. I like them so much, but not as much as Laruku and Muse. They are: Guns n Roses, they used to be my number 1 band but after separation and no new music available for years, it was easy for me to fall for another band…but although they are not my number one band anymore, I still love listening to their music (I wrote this article while listening to them 🙂 ). They are so talented, the best vocalist and guitarist at their time. I wish they could last forever but 2 geniuses in the same band proven not to last forever. The Beatles, I can’t remember how long has it been since the 1st time I heard them. My dad used to play their songs and somehow it stuck in my head and shapes my feeling toward music…because of them, rock becomes my favorite music genre. Queen, well…I think I don’t have to write anything about Queen coz everyone knows how great they are!! Just like The Beatles, their songs are timeless. They made incredible music like no other, they have become an inspiration for many musician, including Muse. Led Zeppelin, the grandfather of Metal. Their music sounds old but captivating. It’s kinda hard to find other fans of Led Zeppelin. I honestly said that those people are missing a great music. Green day, this is the only band that still exists up till today. The way I see it, they are becoming more and more famous than before…that’s really a good thing to know. They’ve been together for more than 18years and they keep getting stronger. Some people said that they aren’t pure punk anymore…I don’t care!! For me, their music is always good to hear. The last two of this group is not a rock band, they are pop singers. Out of so many pop singers, only 3 pop singers that can capture my attention, two belong in this group and the other one in the next group. Celine Dion is a true diva, a woman with incredible powerful voice and yet so down to earth. Her songs are strong, nice and timeless. She is the only female singer that I like whose singing pure pop. Her voice captured my heart since a long time ago. She can be described as amazing voice. Shakira, her strength lies in her music. She wrote most of her songs and all of those songs are a great combination of pop, rock and Latin. She mixes the sounds of Latin and Middle East. She is the most creative female singer I’ve ever heard.

Group 3

This group consists of those I really like, I don’t listen to them daily and I don’t have complete collection of their works…but I often listen to them, they give extra color in my heart. Most of British bands are in this group, such as Sting and The Police, Rolling Stone, Radio Head, Suede, Blur, Cold Play, Keane, Mika, U2, Cranberries and many more. Most of American Bands that exist in 80’s and 90’s are also in this group, such as Metallica, Mr.Big, Skidrow, Aerosmith, The offspring, Halloween, R.E.M, RHCP, Nirvana and many more. This is the era where American bands could stand up alongside British bands…after that American Bands sort of drift away and sink under British Bands. The only nowadays American Band that I like is The Killer, and as we all know they sound like British rather than American. The King of pop is also in this group. Some Japanese bands also in this group, such as La Cryma Christi, Luna Sea, Monoral, X-Japan and many more. Two Indonesian bands made it into this group, they are J-Rocks and The S.I.G.I.T.

Group 4

This group doesn’t consist of certain bands…it only consist of songs that I like so much without caring for the singer or the band. A lot of one hit wonder kinda songs made it into this group.

This group below is an exception.

Group 5

This group belongs to those who can’t catch my attention…not the slightest bit. They are nowadays American Bands…all of them sound the same to me. They have no characteristic that’ll make them stand up above the other bands. Every time I heard something from a new American band I always end up saying “eh? What’s the different between this group with the others?” I tried to like them by paying attention to Secondhand Serenade @java Rockin’land and ended up bored to death, at the same I was amazed by a band from India I had never heard before. In my opinion, American needs to change their stereotype in music!!

Well…that’s all about music that captured my attention (and an extra of those who doesn’t capture my attention). I know that everyone has different taste of music, so I hope this does not provoke anyone coz…hey man, this is my taste not yours!!

3 thoughts on “They Who Captured My Attention

  1. hehe miss daku juga suka celine dion.. dulu juga suka shakira tapi karena lumayan vulgar lama2 jadi ga bgitu suka hehehe

    kalo band amerika sih daku lagi suka Paramore.. tau gak miss? hehe

    Novroz’ Answer
    Karena masih enak lagunya…jadi daku masih suka shakira.

    Ga tau 🙂 mungkin juga pernah dgr tp ga ngeh…dah dr awal 2000 tiap denger band Amrik, 1 lagu aja dah lgsg ga tertarik

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