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The Battle of Baratie

Luffy n Don Krieg

The Battle of Baratie happened not long after Mugiwara Kaizoku, which consisted of Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, got their lovely new ship called Going Merry. The battle took place in floating restaurant called Baratie, it was the place where Sanji used to work. The battle of baratie consisted of 2 battles, the battle between Zoro and Mihawk; and the battle between Don Krieg and Luffy.

The full story :

Luffy and his crew coincidentally met Yosaku and Johnny, they used to work together with Zoro…well, not technically working along, they sort of tagging along Zoro. Yosaku and Johnny also appeared in The Battle of Arlong Park. They took Luffy to a restaurant called Baratie Restaurant because Luffy wanted to find a chef for his ship.

Yosaku n Johnny Baratie

Baratie reastaurant was owned by Chef Zeff, he used to be a great pirate known as The Red Eye Zeff. This restaurant was famous for its great foods and the fight between chefs and guests. This restaurant has so many ex-pirates as their chefs. Sanji was working as the vice head chef, at that time Sanji has no intention of leaving Baratie, but it will soon be changed.

Luffy accidentally bounced a cannon ball onto Baratie Restaurant and Zeff punished him by making him work as a servant….a very unreliable servant ;). Few hours later, Gin, a fighter from Don-Krieg Pirate troop, came asking for food. Sanji who can’t see people starving helped Gin in spite of everyone’s protest. Two days later, Gin came back to Baratie and brought along his Captain, Don Krieg, and his crew. All of them were starving. Don Krieg was known for his slyness, instead of being grateful for Zeff’s help, he was planning to take Baratie Restaurant as his new ship. His old ship was torn apart by Mihawk.


In the middle of this commotion, Mihawk arrived at Baratie Restaurant. The fight between Mihawk and Zoro is here

Luffy made a deal with Zeff; if he can defeat Don Krieg, Zeff will have to release him from his duty as a servant. The battle was intense. Don Krieg relied so much on his unbreakable armour and weapons. However, as Zeff said “even though his armour holds thousands of weapons, he will never defeat someone who strongly holds his principle”. Luffy able to dodge all Krieg’s weapons and closed the fight with Gomu gomu bazooka and Gomu gomu hammer.

Don Krieg

After this battle, everyone in Baratie Restaurant tried to make Sanji leave Baratie and start his adventure to find All-blue by joining Mugiwara kaizoku.

The value of this fight is no matter how big your army is or how much your weapon is, all of those is nothing compare to power of principle. Once you set your goal on something, nothing can come between you and your goal.

Sanji bye bye

My favorite quotes are

Zeff : “Sometimes you’ll find someone who will never stop fighting once he has set his goal. He will be a difficult enemy to beat, it doesn’t matter whether he wins or loses

Luffy : “Don’t you dare decide where my grave is just by using a coat of metal because this is not the place where I am going to die!!


This is my dedication for The Best Manga Ever Existed, One Piece by Eiichiro Oda



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2 comments on “The Battle of Baratie

  1. dhilaaz
    September 2, 2009

    huaaa daku pengen deh nulis kayak gini juga, as a dedication for the best manga ever made.. tapi daku tidak pandai berkata2, ntar niatnya pengen muji2 taunya malah jadi bikin kesan ga menarik.. wew hahaha

    Novroz’ Answer
    According to you…is my article can be considered as good??

  2. dhilaaz
    September 6, 2009

    bagus miss bagus.. hehehe

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