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The Finder of Allblue

(02) Sanji

The fifth member of Mugiwara Kaizoku is Sanji. Sanji had become a cook since he was little. He always threw away leftover food while his older friends decided to eat them up because food it was a waste to throw food away. When his cruise ship (the place he worked as a kid) was attacked by Zeff Kaizoku, Sanji learnt the value of food…food is more important than gold. Sanji and Zeff were stranded in a small island with so little food to eat. He learnt how miserable life is without food. Since that day, he pledge not to let other people hungry and not to let anyone stop eating while there is still left over food on the plate.


Sanji is a very good cook. He is a real gentlemen and adore beautiful women, his adoration is a bit too much ;p….he would gladly  being slaved by name just to prove that he adore name so much, but this attitude had made him as an easy target to manipulate. He would rather die than hitting a woman, this noble act of him almost got him killed. Sanji is a heavy smoker, a cigarette always hangs on his mouth. Sanji could be the coolest and most handsome man in the ship…well at least that what people see on the surface…unfortunately he is as crazy as Luffy and Usopp :).


Mugiwara Kaizoku first met Sanji when he was still working in Baratie Restaurant, it was owned by Zeff. Luffy and his friends were led there by Johnny and Yosaku. Sanji felt the he owed his life to Zeff and will never leave the restaurant no matter what happened. He had a dream to find the All-Blue, a sea where all kind of fishes from different continent exist in that sea, and he believes it lies in Grand Line…but because of his debt to Zeff, he has no desire to search for it.

After the battle with Don Krieg (I like to call it the Battle of Baratie), Sanji decided to leave Baratie Restaurant and become one of Mugiwara Kaizokudan. He was an important asset for this crazy Pirate Crew.

Sanji joined the crew in bad time…it was the time when Nami left the crew and stole Going Merry. So, there was no welcome party for him.

PS. There are a lot of funny moments between Sanji and Zoro for they are never walk on the same pace.

Wanted Sanji

This is my dedication for The Best Manga Ever Existed, One Piece by Eiichiro Oda


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2 comments on “The Finder of Allblue

  1. dhilaaz
    August 21, 2009

    miss koq ga ada foto bounty sanji yang benerannya? huakakaka XP

    Novroz’ Answer
    shishishi that picture has to wait till I reach the battle of Enies Lobby

  2. dhilaaz
    September 1, 2009

    oh I see.. oookaaay..
    eeeh??!!! masih lama banget dong!! hahahaha

    Novroz’ Answer
    hahaha iya masih lama bgt xp mana nulis dedikasinya trngantung mood pula

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