Nesting Moment 4

About a week ago, my baby turtle, Kame, became restless again 😦 she started moving around aimlessly in her tank and digging the floor. I thought it was over and that this entire act about being gravid was nothing but a false alarm.

Digging again
She’s digging again

This time I was so busy, I didn’t have time to let her out…I can only did it on weekend. I let her dug outside the house. Once, I let her dig since 5.30pm till 9.30pm and nothing happened.

The other day, I let her dug in the same place again…and she stopped after 2 hours…Still without any result.

This is how I protect her when I left her alone for a while
This is how I protect her when I left her alone for a while

The last time I let her dug, she stopped after 3 hours.

I do not know what else should I do?? I love her so much but I can’t afford bringing her to a Vet, let along do a surgery on her. Right now, I also have my mom’s health to think about. All I can do right now is praying to Allah to save these 2 ladies I care the most in this world.

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  1. gimme K gimme A gimme M gimme E! GO KAME GO! semangat kame! chayo! -> apa banget deh

    Novroz’ Answer
    gyababa terbayang dhila pake baju cheerleader

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