MotoGP 09 – Brno

MotoGP- Brno

GP 250

I didn’t take note for this race….in conclusion it was like this:
There was an incredible battle between Pasin and Simonceli, they kept on trying to overtake each onter. in the end Simoncelli managed to take the 1st position and Pasini had to be happy in 2nd position.

But the most incredible race was by Bautista…he gained his 3rd position by taking his opponent one by one from his 8th position. Unfortunately Aoyama only finished at 4th…but he was still leading in championship point, he was separated by 12points from Bautista.


Today’s race was okay…not too exciting but not bored either.

Pedrosa was able to take the lead right after the red lights were turned off…but it didn’t take long for Rossi to overthrown Pedrosa. 2 laps later, it was time for Lorenzo to tail on Pedrosa. 1 lap later Lorenzo had pushed Pedrosa away from his 2nd position. And now Lorenzo’s mission was to chase down Rossi

Nothing happened on the leading riders till the 16th lap. Meanwhile the battle for 4th position was heating up between Elias, Dovizioso dan Capirosi.

On the 16th lap Lorenzo made a maneuver over Rossi and took the 1st position, Rossi tried to get it back but he couldn’t do it. But something interesting happened on the next lap. Rossi gained his position back but Lorenzo didn’t sit back for that. He tried to take it back but he was too eager and miscalculated his moves, he ended up crashing down and unable to continue the race.

Rossi was almost 15seconds ahead of Pedrosa and therefore he had held the winning ticket his hand. On the beginning of 18th lap, Dovizioso put up a strong fight on Elias but Elias managed to hold his position.

Another interesting thing happened when the race was only 2 more laps, Melandri and Kalio were crashing and Kalio was furious over Melandri…but when we saw the replay, it was clear that Kalio was the one to be blamed not Melandri. The replay was so clear, it showed how Kalio bike crashed on Melandri’s bike.

On the finish line, Rossi won without any real fight, followed by Pedrosa, Elias held his 3rd position from Dovizioso. Capirosi, Hayden, Edward, DeAngelis, Toseland, DePuniet, Vermeulen and Canepa came afterward.

Rossi was now leading by 50points over Lorenzo…it’s going to be hard for Lorenzo to catch up with him.

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