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Kuro-senchou was Luffy’s 2nd enemy. When Luffy, Zoro, and Nami arrived in Usopp’s island, they chose to help Usopp fighting Kuro-senchou’s pirate crew from attacking the island.

Kurosenchou was a famous pirate, he was famous for his smartness and cruelness. One day he decided to quit the whole pirate things and tricked the Navy. Navy caught the fake Kuro-senchou and executed him. To the world, Kuro-senchou had died.

In reality….

He was still alive in a small island. He was helped by a very rich family. That family made Kuro as the family’s head butler. Kuro-senchou changed his name into Clahadour (kurohado). For 3 years he pretended to be a nice man. After the death of his master and mistress, Kuro took care of Kaya, the sole heir of that rich family.

Clahadour jango

Kuro’s real intention was to take over Kaya’s wealth and live peacefully in that island. To be able to live peacefully and gain Kaya’s wealth, he created the perfect plan with his ex pirate crew. He asked Jango (the new captain of his ex pirate crew) to attack the village and kill Kaya. Before killing Kaya, Jango had to force her to make a will saying that she left everything to Kuro.

Usopp and Luffy overheard his plan but no one in the village believe Usopp. Luffy, name and Zoro decided to help him saving the village and Kaya.

Zoro defeated their best fighter, Nyaban Brothers, easily. And then he helped carrying Usopp to protect Kaya from Jango.

Favorite moment:

Luffy fought Kuro-senchou. Luffy despised Kuro because he has no respect over his crew. Kuro treated his crew like trash and he didn’t care about them at all. For Luffy, Usopp was way better than him.

Kuro-Senchou : Pirate crew are just a bunch of wild dogs from the lowest class of society. What can they do without my plan? They better shut up and do everything I tell them to do!! Sailors are Captain’s most obedient pawns. I decide whether they live or die!! It’s not a problem if they have to do for my plans!!

Luffy : No matter how many men you have, you will never beat ussop!! You don’t know the real meaning of PIRATE!!

When Kuro started using Nukiashi (Kuro’s deadly fighting style), he killed a lot of his men and Luffy became furious and shouting “COME OUT!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR MEN ARE??!!

Luffy defeated Kuro by using gomu gomu bell (hitting Kuro’s head with his.)

This is my dedication for The Best Manga Ever Existed, One Piece by Eiichiro Oda


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2 comments on “Kuro-Senchou

  1. dhilaaz
    August 3, 2009

    hehe kenapa tiba2 nulis ttg kuro-senchou miss?

    Novroz’ Answer
    Loh?? kan daku emang lagi menulis perjalanan mugiwara kaizoku plus musuh2nya. Buggy juga ada kok.

  2. dhilaaz
    August 4, 2009

    oh sesuai perjalanannya ya? hehe maklum daku kan jarang update..

    Novroz’ Answer
    yup 🙂
    Sekarang baru sampe Ussop n Kuro

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