Because of Chili and Paprika

Chili n Paprika

Yesterday my mom wanted to make a soup. My mom’s soup is very delicious. My mom is a good cook. Unfortunately, when she was going to cook she ran out of chili and paprika…so she asked me to buy it in the supermarket.

My mom asked me to buy 1 kg of chili and 1/2 kg of paprika. I went to the market by using my car. On the way to the market, I realized that I forgot to bring the money my mom had given me. I put the money inside my jacket and I put my jacket in my room. So I went back home to take my jacket. Then I went back to the market with the money.

But…something unlucky happened again. A big truck hit my car, some parts of my car were broken. I was very panic. My father was going to be angry with me for breaking the car.

With sad feeling I continue to the market. In the market, I went directly to the vegetable area to buy chili and paprika. After buying it I went to the parking lot and I realized that my car was gone. I looked back and saw my car being driven by someone who I didn’t know. I was panic and ran trying to chase my car but my car was too fast. I couldn’t catch up with it.

Now, I lost my car because of 1 kg of chili and 1/2 kg of paprika.

====> this story was written by Danurdara (one of my students from the Class of 2008) in November 2007. It was a writting test where he has to write a story based on a picture given to him. This story had been through some grammar editing by me 🙂

I really his story…it’s a funny ironi. I found a copy of his original answer sheet and decided to put it in my blog.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. yana says:

    ky ny paprika ada bhs inggrisnya ya

    Novroz’ Answer
    bahasa englishnya paprika ya paprika…qt kan minjem bahasa mereka

  2. yana says:

    oh iya ya

  3. atthahira says:

    miss kayanya paprika bahasa inggrisnya bell pepper deh

    Novroz’ Answer
    Nope! paprika is paprika. Bila ingin lebih yakin lihatlah buku berjudul Dracula by Bram Stroker hal pertama

  4. dhilaaz says:

    hehe iseng banget miss sampe dipost di blog segala

    Novroz’ Answer
    hehehe lagi ga da tulisan sih…anggap aja penghargaan buat Danu

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