The Bravest Man of The Sea

Little Ussop (02) Ussop

Usopp is a liar, lying is what he does best…but he does not lie to cheat other people!! Usopp is a coward who always gives excuses for not going into a battle…but in time of need he becomes a reliable nakama that will never leave his friend behind. Usopp’s dream is to become the bravest man of the sea. (Usopp is the son of Yasopp, a member of Shank’s pirate crew)

Mugiwara Kaizoku (which consists of Luffy, Zoro and Nami) arrived at Usopp’s village. They arrived a day before the invasion of Captain Kuro’s ex pirate crew. Usopp who was always shouting ‘The pirate is coming’ every morning coincidentally heard the plan of the invasion and tried to tell everyone in the village about it but just like the story of a boy who always shouted ‘there’s a fox’, no one believed him…even the girl he wanted to save the most didn’t believe him.

Usopp, coward as he was, determined to protect the village he loved the most. Luffy seeing a brave and honest man deep down inside him, decided to help Usopp. The four of them able to wipe the entire crew of Captain Kuro’s pirate crew. Usopp who finally done a real good deed told his little gang (Tamanegi, P-man and Ninjin) and Kaya not to tell the villagers about what had just happened.

Kaya gave a boat to mugiwara kaizoku, it was the 1st boat they had and they loved that boat so much…it was a boat called Going Merry. Usopp who had decided to become a pirate was asked to join mugiwara kaizoku. At that time, Luffy simply asked him because he had a good heart but as times goes Usopp served a better purpose in the team. He was a handyman that turned into a Great Snipper.

Book 5

Favorite moment:

Usopp : “I won’t let you do whatever you like!! Although I am not your match but I will PROTECT them!!

I am the bravest man of the sea and I will not let you touch the people of this village!!

Usopp was lying down, unable to move and all Kuro’s pirate crews were laughing.

Luffy: “If anyone of you dares to laugh at Usopp, I’ll kill each and every one of you!!

Wanted Ussop

This is my dedication for The Best Manga Ever Existed, One Piece by Eiichiro Oda

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