Nesting Moment 3

What happen to Kame now??

I’ve already written that Kame was being gravid in Nesting Moment 1 and Nesting Moment 2, but I haven’t written her condition afterward.

Well, here it goes….

On July 1, I finally able to trick Kame, I led her to dig on the soil that had already been dug by me. She was so eager in digging. I let her be and to protect her from running away I put a box on top of her. I watched her once in a while…you know, to make sure she is still under her box.

But…the most horrible thing happened, I almost lost her!!! When I checked her out, she wasn’t inside her box!!

I became so panic….I mean, I can’t lose her like that!! I can’t imagine what she’ll become alone in the wild. I searched everywhere around my house, my mom helped me.

Thanks God I finally spotted her few meters away from my house…I was so glad, I hugged and kissed her. You might think I am crazy for loving a turtle so much…but turtle is just like dog and cat, she is lovable.

On July 6, I was shocked because Kame is Kame again!! She was acting like when she wasn’t being gravid anymore. She slept nicely without waking up in the middle of the night, She would climbed up my feet or leg and rested till she fell asleep. She would look at the opened front door without even wanting to come out. She would go back inside my room when she she feel sleepy. She was swimming calmly in her tank, all her restlessness had gone.

Sleeping on my foot

I was so afraid!! I mean I love seeing her like that again…but I was scared that she had retained her eggs. If she does that, it only meant 1 thing, SHE WOULD DIE SOON!!

I prayed to Allah that Kame was just faking her being gravid, I prayed that she would live on. I had prepared my heart for the worst.

Today is July 19, almost 2 weeks after she had become normal again, so far, there’s no sign of her being sick and she looks so healthy…I truly hope she will be okay and of this episode was just her way to gain my attention.

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