I first saw Terminator at the age of 11/12 (somewhere in 5th or 6th grade). The movie took my breath away and it shaped my interest of this kind of movies, an action movie with great effect. After watching Terminator, I become a devoted fans of terminator…I have watched 1st and 2nd series more than 10times because every time a local TV Station played that movie I always sat nicely in front of the TV and devoured the movie as if it was my 1st time seeing it. I have only watched the 3rd series for about 5times. Terminator series is one of my all time favorite Action Series



Terminator 1 was released somewhere in 1984. The background of the story is about a man named John Connor who lived in the future, a gruesome future where the machine took over the earth and tried to destroyed human civilization. John Connor was the leader of the resistance and hunted by Skynet. Skynet couldn’t find John Connor, so it decided to kill John’s mother so that he will never be born. Skynet sent a Terminator (a killing machine in form of cyborg). In the same time, John Connor sent Kyle Reese to protect his mother.

Once The Terminator and Kyle Reese arrived in the past, the battle began. Kyle tried hard to keep Sarah Connor alive, he fell in love with Sarah long before he met her because John had given him her picture. A one night stand was all it takes for Sarah to conceive John. The battle of Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor against The Terminator was so amazing and I love every minute of it.

The cast are: The Terminator was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, his role as the terminator lifted his career to a higher level, and he was the perfect terminator ever!! Kyle Reese was played by Michael Biehn and Sarah Connor was played by Linda Hamilton.

The reason why I love this movie is because it has great effect, at least when I was in elementary school, my jaw was drooped seeing how Arnie cleaned his eye socket and peeled his skin to reveal the machine beneath that skin…It was superb. And the movie is not just effect and action, it also has great storyline that never bored me.

T2-Judgment Day

T2: TERMINATOR 2: The Judgment Day

T2 was released in 1991. It was the first movie I’ve seen in cinema by myself (Before this movie, I always go to cinema with my parents or simply rent the video). In this movie, John Connor (Edward Furlong) had already become a young teenager. He lived with foster parents because Sarah Connor (still played by Linda Hamilton) was held in mental facility. Skynet sent T-1000 to kill young John Connor while the future John sent T-101 to protect himself. T-101 is the same model that tried to kill his mom back in 1984. The future John had reprogrammed the old Terminator Model (Arnold Schwarzenegger) to do whatever it takes to protect Young John Connor.

T-1000 (Robert Patrick) was way more advanced than T-101, it can change its shape into whatever it wants. John and the Terminator rescued Sarah Connor and tried to stop the person responsible for making Skynet. Their fight didn’t end there, they still had to survive from the horrible T-1000.

In this movie, John Connor had a special relationship with The terminator, to him The Terminator was the closest thing he ever had for a father.

The reason why I love this movie is once again because of its amazing affect and great action accompanied with great storyline. And I like it more because the soundtrack was by my favorite band, Guns n Roses.

T3-Rise of the machine

T3: TERMINATOR 3: The Rise of The Machine

T3 was released in 2003 (12 years after T2). In this movie, John Connor (Nick Stahl) had grown into an adult who lived without a trace, he had no social number, no ID or other things that can make Skynet able to track him down. Out of desperation, Skynet decided to wipe out his commanders by sending T-X (Kristanna Loken). Coincidentally when T-X came to kill Kate Brewster (Claire Danes), the future wife of John Connor, John Connor was also there. They survived the attack because another Terminator came to rescue them. The Terminator was the T-101 (Still played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) which has been reprogrammed by the future Kate.

During their survival, they also tried to stop Kate’s father from activating Skynet, but they were too late. Right before Skynet decided to wipe out human being by sending nuclear bomb, Kate’s father sent both Kate and John to a nuclear shelter. The judgment day that Sarah Connor had tried to prevent was only delayed, it could not be stopped.

The reason why I like this movie is…well what can I say? I have already become a big fans of Arnie as the terminator. This 3rd series is not as good as the previous 2 but I still enjoy the movie.


Whoa I have misjudged terminator4!! As a big fans of terminator since I was in elementary, I should be ashamed…Now I totally regret not going to the cinema for it…TERMINATOR SALVATION, against all odds is FREAKIN AWESOME!! Sorry Arnie…With or without you Terminator is still my 2nd favorite action movie (This is my feeling right after watching T4)

Terminator Salvation

T4 was released in 2009, but the story itself took place in 2018. The world was already in war against the machine. Skynet tried to find John Connor (Christian Bale) and Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin), Skynet tried to prevent John from being born by trying to find and kill Kyle Reese. In 2018, Kyle Reese was still a teenager. Kyle met a cyborg who didn’t know that he was a cyborg, his name was Marcus (Sam Worthington). Kyle, Star and Marcus rode together till an unfortunate event took Kyle and Star away from Marcus.

Marcus was brought to John Connor. At first, John wanted to kill Marcus because he was one of the machines but in the end he trusted Marcus. Both of them infiltrated Skynet to save Kyle Reese. Marcus found out what really happen to him and he made a choice to be a human rather than machine. John was badly hurt during his fight against T-800 (the metal skeleton of T-101). The only thing that can save John was a new heart.

The reason I love this movie is because of its great story about humanity and leadership. I underestimated this movie because there’s no Arnie….what’s the point of terminator if the real terminator do not exist?? But the story could cover the absence of Arnie.

So far….I love all four series of Terminator. If I have to rank the movie, it would be like this 1>T2, 2>T1, 3>T4 and 4>T3.

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  1. T2, malu-malu dong.. *loh, bukan*
    T2 emang keren banget ya miss.. daku juga paling suka yg itu. rilis taun 91 tapi kayak film taun >2000.. keren!

    Novroz’ Answer
    ho oh….apalagi si T-1000 dah cangih bgt efeknya untuk thun 91. Keren, ga bosan2 nntnnya

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