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The Resistance- Mini Review

This has come from the French media source “JudeBox”. The review was originally in French, and probably lacks perfection. For the first time we have some song durations.

That was a meeting with Muse? A little patience. First some background: Devon trio Muse will release their fifth album on September 14. Entitled “The Resistance” which will comprises of eleven tracks. For fear of piracy, Warner, their record company, organized a promo with the group on Wednesday July 8 in a Parisian hotel in the 8th arrondissement. Myself and fellow journalists were uncovered “The Resistance” only an hour and a half before my interview with the band. In the end, my interview was reduced to 15 minutes.

Two weeks ago, I was in a hotel room in Paris with the Beastie Boys. We found ourselves having to do an interview after a single listen and without the lyrics. Even if there were ten listens, it’s not enough to write an accurate review. We will not complain about these types of encounters but frankly, what is the point of them organizing these kinds of things? How do you get to the bottom of things when you have just 15 minutes with an artist who has worked maybe 3 years to deliver their music? How do we ask respectable questions when we listened to their work an hour earlier on a headset in hotel suite, guarded by security who searched us head to toe for recording devices?

Anyway, The Resistance is eleven songs, the symphony “Exogenesis” is divided into three movements. My first impressions on this album is powerful but still maybe less extravagant than previous albums… [Read track-by-track review below]

01. “Uprising” 5: 02

Matt Bellamy’s voice is more serious and academic than usual. However it is delivered in a similar vein: Conspiracy, Apocalypse … He announces a “union”, speaks of “victory” that “they do not control.” Sound is still very heavy and dense, accompanied by mounted synthesizers. The structure of the song is simple for once.

02. “Resistance” 5: 46
Entry Piano cavalcade battery. We swear that Freddie Mercury participates in choirs.

03. “Undisclosed Desires” 3: 56
The thud of metal and Depeche Mode on this plane guitar piece but without votes vocodée

04. “United States Of Eurasia (Collateral Damage) 5: 47
Sounds like Bohemian Rapsody (Queen) Lawrence of Arabia (the soundtrack of Maurice Jarre) = Chopin a long trip film classic-rock.
Matt Bellamy’s falsetto is present. The song ends on the sound of a jet (spaceship? Or a missile?)

05. “Guiding Light” 4: 13
The return of guitar solos, one of the trademarks of the fireman’s style in Muse.

06. “Unnatural Selection”
Opens with church organ before battery and powerful guitars. A song lyric and epic.

07. “MK Ultra”
Electronic sounds and riffs bodybuilder.

08. “I Belong To You” (Mon coeur s’ouvre à ta voix)
A title borrowed from the opera Samson et Dalila (see below). Surprisingly lacking in pace. Like the clarinet, which comes at the end of the song. Matt Bellamy sings some verses in french. Almost incomprehensible.

09. “Exogenesis: Symphony Part I” (Overture)
The voice of Matt Bellamy recalls that many of Tom Yorke. This symphony rise to almost the whim of a star by passionate romantic composers: Chopin, Liszt …

10. “Exogenesis: Symphony Part II” (Cross Pollination)
The group works on the visual. It is about a man defying the masses. I asked Dominic to write the name of the English artist who bosse dessus: La Bocca. Nothing on Google. In contrast: LaBoca, it seems paste.

11. “Exogenesis: Symphony Part III” (Redemption)
Inspirational Matthew Bellamy told me about the Queen of 1984, George Orwell, a big book: The Grand chessboard of American political scientist Zbigniew Brzeninski, the opera Samson et Dalila and other things.

Taken from Muselive.com


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