The Regulators

The regulators

The Regulators was written by Richard Bachman a.k.a Stephen King. Stephen King decided to use a pseudonym to test himself, will people still buy his works if it was under someone else’s name.

The Regulators has strong relation with Desperation, I haven’t read desperation but I had watched its movie. The evil in both books is called Tak.

The life of people in Poplar Street of Wentworth, Ohio was as peaceful as any suburban life in America. Everyone knew each other. Live on the West side of Poplar street were Brad and Belinda Josephson; Gary and Marielle Soderson; Audrey Wyler and Seth Garin; Cammie, Jim and Dave Reed; Kim and Susi Geller; and a minimart, on the east side were John Marinville; The Carvers; Tom Billingsley; Peter and Mary Jackson; and Collie Entragian. But on July 15, 1996 things about to change drastically. A bright red van passed through Poplar Street and started blasting off two barrels shotgun toward the street’s paper boy and a dog named Hannibal. It shocked everyone and all of them were clueless to what had just happened.

When they thought it was over, more vans were coming to their street and stared shooting at everyone in sight. They went inside Carver and Billingsley’s houses. The vans were driven by the characters in TV shows called The Regulators and a cartoon series called MotoKops 2200. What showed up after that were more unbelievable than the vans, animals unlike any living animals on earth started showing up. Their houses also changed into something unlike their original neighborhood. What causes all of these things was an evil named Tak who was living inside a little boy named Seth Garin.

In order to survive the hell Tak created for the people in this street, they had to fight the evil. Can they all survive? Can they defeat the evil?

It was another Stephen King’s gruesome and well-told story. The writing was unlike any Stephen king’s I have ever read. He wrote it on the form of typical novel type, newspaper articles, and journals by Audrey Wyler. It was very interesting, he tried to make it feels like real event.

I love every thrill and excitement that King tried to build in this book. I’m not gonna say it was amazing but it is certainly a book that I really like. You can smell Stephen King all over the story. So far I haven’t got tired with his smell :). I gave 4 stars for The Regulators.

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