BTT: To-Read Books


So here today I present to you an Unread Books Challenge. Give me the list or take a picture of all the books you have stacked on your bedside table, hidden under the bed or standing in your shelf – the books you have not read, but keep meaning to. The books that begin to weigh on your mind. The books that make you cover your ears in conversation and say, ‘No! Don’t give me another book to read! I can’t finish the ones I have!’

Hmm interesting…. I have written about my to-read books before, it was about 8months ago, and some of those books are still in my book-shelf untouched!! Here’s the link>> To-read on November. The books that remain in black ink are the one I haven’t read up till today!! They are Heredity of Taste and The 210th Day by Natsume Soseki, The Dark Room by Gary Crew, and Songs From a Bamboo Village by Goldstein and Shinoda.

I feel bad looking at that list. More interesting books always showed up and making me delayed those books for months….but I will read it one day tho…that’s a promise!!

To make matter worse, I have few more books in my new to-read list 😦 …I can’t help it. They are Sleepers, Dracula, Don’t Say a Word, Botchan by Natsume Soseki and 5 People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom.

And as you notice there’s no Stephen King in my list…and that will never happen my friend!! I’m planning to go to a bookstore somewhere this month to find any Stephen King that caught my attention (one of his books is a MUST read after 3-4 books by other writers)

So how about you?

7 thoughts on “BTT: To-Read Books

  1. Five Peole you meet in Heave is an interesting read. And very short so doesn’t take long!

    Novroz’ Answer
    I Know!! but my reading mood is not depend on the thickness of the book….I have to have the mood to read it

  2. Stephen King is great. I just wish some of his novels would be shorter. I particularly like his short stories.
    You’ll find mine here.

    Novroz’ Answer
    Hahaha so true!! He really likes writting thick novels.

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