Battle Royale-Movie

Battle Royale

After searching it everywhere and couldn’t find it…I finally got it from my student.

Okay here’s the story (pretending I have never read the book): The nation is collapsing, parents lose their jobs and teenagers become uncontrollable. The government tried to control teenager by putting them into a program called Battle Royale. The teacher who felt disappointed with the students becomes the one who teach them during the Program. The Class B of Shiroiwa Junior High had boycotted their teacher named Kitano. On the way to their school trip, this class was brought to an island and suddenly their old teacher, Kitano, shows up and tells them what to do during the program.

The rules are very simple, within 3 days they have to kill their classmate and become the only survivor. The remaining survivor will go back home to their parents. They are given a back with different kind of weapon. Some are up for the game while others teamed up and don’t want to play.

I’m pretty sure that if I watched the movie before reading the book, I would end up asking “What does the movie trying to tell us??” and “Why does the government made that kinda game? What was the purpose?” is it to punish bad students? And what’s with the 2 new students?

For me, the movie is simply nothing but entertainment…the kind of movie that excites people who like to watch blood and murder. But it is totally pointless…I’m forever grateful that I’ve read it before watching it.

Basically the whole storyline is similar with the book but they changed few things which I think are the crucial parts to make everything clear and understandable.

Class B of Shiroiwa JHS

Here are the changes that make the movie less interesting

1. In the movie the nation is collapsing, in the book the nation is wealthy but bound under the great dictator

2. The government made the game to punish the students (movie), the great dictator made it for a wider purpose (book).

3. In the movie, Kiriyama and Sawada are transferred students, but their 1st day of school is in the game…WHAT?? How could that possibly happen?? Transferred just for the game?? Jeez what a lame story. In the book, they are also transferred students but they’re already spent at least a year in that school.

4. The instructor is their old teacher and seems to have more power than the army (movie), how could that be? In the book, the instructor is also an army with higher ranking than the others in that Island.

In short, I have to say the book is WAY BETTER than the movie, it has purpose, clarity, and strong characters. Although I gave 5 stars for the book (which mean it was amazing) but I only give 2 stars for the movie (which mean it was okay)

11 thoughts on “Battle Royale-Movie

  1. Well, of course its bound to be different from the book. I saw the movie first and then read the book, and i agree with you, the book is waaay better but i also enjoyed the movie (you gotta admit, it was awesome lol) Anyways, i’m glad someone is actually interested in it because whenever i mention the book, they just look at me like i have a third head or something (i don’t….or do i? lol) anyways, i liked your rating of the book and the movie, it was honest and you actually compared them.

    1. Thank you for giving your honest opinion here 🙂 I really appreciate it

      Yeah I guess if I watched the movie before reading the book I could give higher rating to the movie, but since I’ve already read it 1st, I can’t help comparing them and it decreases the rating.

  2. ini film yg dicekokkin mabit nf selama aku intensif buat umb-snmptn miss, gilak2 nonton beginian rame2 pas subuh2, abistu solat, abistu nonton lg, tidur, tahajud, nonton lg, solat, gilak2 battle royal emang deh miss kerasa bgt enak dan ga enaknya berkompetisi buat ngalahin temen2 kita sendiri.

  3. bukannya yg 2org itu volunteer bwt ikutan ya ms? si gurunya aja yg blg seolah mrk transferred

    btw eke sih emg suka bunuh2annya, wuahaha

  4. Hehe, Shogo Kawada dan Kiriyama, ya? Kalo ga salah, mereka emang udah direncanakan disusupin jadi “penghancur” gitu deh… Biar yang menang bukan murid-murid kelas tersebut. (Hmm… mencoba mengingat-ingat). Yup, gara-gara Kitano-sensei dendam banget sama mantan kelas yang dia pernah ajar itu.

    Gue mang belum pernah baca bukunya. Jadi, gue enjoy aja^^. Kekurangan terbesar mungkin ada di perkembangan karakter bukan? Oh iya, jangan coba baca manganya. Lebih ngaco ^^(hasil melihat review di salah satu majalah).

    1. Ga deh!! dah cukup Bukunya diancurin ama filmnya….gw ga mau liat yg lebih ngancurin lg.

      Tujuan balas dendam guru aja dah GA BANGET…benar2 jauh lebih masuk akal bukunya. Bukunya itu jadi buku Jepang no.1 gw sepanjang masa. Eh ditiru pula ama penulis Bule dgn judul Hunger Game

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