Nesting Moment 2

I’m going to continue what happened next.

On Friday, after seeing the video (previous post), I tried to find soil for Kame’s sand. Just a bit of sand made Kame eager to dig. I was so HAPPY. After 2-3hours, she stopped and put her back to her water tank. At night, I did the same thing again, she started digging without any hesitation…but when I came to see her, she was sleeping on her nesting box.


On Saturday, things started to change! I put Kame into her box early in the morning, instead of digging she was trying hard to climb out of her box…What?? What’s wrong Kame?? I let her inside the box for 2hours and she didn’t do any digging :(. I asked about it in and someone told me that I should put a light on top of her nesting box so that she can fells the warmth for her eggs. It didn’t work!!! Kame was doing nothing but trying to get out. When I let her out…she started digging the floor.

On Sunday, I put the box under the sun to warm it up. When Kame started digging the floor, I lifted her up and put her inside her nesting box…and voila, she continued digging the soil. I didn’t touch her and left her alone but after 3hours she got bored and stopped digging. The she started climbing up. In the evening, she dug the floor again and I moved her back into her box and she didn’t do what she had done in the morning. All she does was trying to get out.

At this point…I give up, I rest this thing in the hand of Allah…all I can do now is to pray she’ll do it in the water. If it doesn’t work (in other words, if Allah said differently) I’m preparing my heart and my mind to lose her…I’m preparing to hold myself together if the worse ever happen (I pray to Allah it will never happen)…Amien.

Today is Tuesday, 10 days after she showed the signs of being gravid and no eggs have come out of her…I’m crying inside. The joy I felt when knowing she was going to nest had turned into a deep sorrow. Will the one I love the most leave me so soon? I pray a thousand prays to Allah to keep her by my side longer than these wonderful 3years.

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