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Little Budha

Little Buddha

2 days ago I found the movie I’ve been searching for quite a while, Little Buddha by Bernardo Bertolucci. The reason I’ve been looking for this movie is because of the most handsome man in the universe, Keanu Reeves is playing as Siddhartha who then becomes Siddhartha Buddha Gautama.

The story I’m about to write contains spoiler, I write it all down because I don’t think this movie is something that hold element of surprise in the end of the story.

The cast of Little Buddha

The story took place between two different time, present time and 2500years ago. At the present time, Lama Norbu (a Tibetan Buddhist who lived in Monastery in Bhutan, Nepal). Lama Norbu was searching for the reincarnation of his leader, Lama Dorje. He was led to Seattle, USA, and found a young boy named Jesse Conrad, son of Dean and Lisa Conrad (Chris Isaak and Bridget Fonda). Lama Norbu told that family about Jesse and wanted to take him to Nepal for a test. At first they refused but then something happened and Dean decided to take Jesse to Nepal. In Nepal, they found other children who were also considered as Lama Dorje’s reincarnation.

The other children are Raju and Gita. Gita was a bit arrogant and so sure that she was the reincarnation of Lama Dorje. All three of them passed the test and acknowledged as the reincarnation of Lama Dorje. Having found his leader, Lama Norbu prepared himself to leave this world.

In between the present, the story about a young prince who turned into Buddha was told.


2500years ago, Queen Maya returned to her own town. Based on tradition, a woman has to give birth in her own town. In the middle of their journey, Queen Maya decided to take a rest near a forest. While she was singing, the pain came over her and she gave birth in that forest. The baby miraculously able to walk and say something to his mother. When they arrived at the palace, The king named his son Siddhartha which mean He Who Brings Good.

When Siddhartha grew up, he married Yasodhara. His life is full of happiness and he never stepped outside his palace. Once he heard a song about the beauty of the world, he decided to look beyond the kingdom’s wall. His father prepared everything so that all Siddhartha see is happiness, but instead he found suffering, old age, and death. His best man, Chana, told him everything he never knew, and at that time he learnt about suffering n discovered compassion.

In their belief, human soul always being reborn and died over and over again. He wanted to lift that curse. He wanted to find enlightenment. He left his palace and all the glory behind. He meditated and found his way to enlightenment and became Buddha (the awakened one)

In this movie, Keanu sometimes used Indian accent but sometimes he forgot to use it…hehe it was quite funny.

Honestly, I think this movie is not interesting, the tale of Buddha feels more like a fairy tale than history, and the search for someone’s reincarnation is also not well built. I’m not going to say it was a bad movie but it wasn’t interesting either. It was okay. I give 2 stars for this movie.

Although Keanu played badly in this movie but he is still my number 1 reason for watching this movie, he is the most handsome Indian I have ever seen…tho he is not even an Indian xp. Rumor said that Keanu became Buddhist after playing this movie…but I’m not 100% sure of it.

Keanu as the handsome Buddha


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One comment on “Little Budha

  1. r
    December 10, 2009

    wih miss suka jg ya?
    miss udah baca buku third eye?
    mantap miss..

    Novroz’ Answer
    Third Eye?? siapa yg nulis? kenapa ngomongin buku di postingan film? hehe

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