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Michael Crichton can easily be called as a genius writer. All of his novels always include knowledge, it’s like reading science book in a fun way.

Disclosure is less scientific than Crichton’s other novels, it is about sexual harassment in a high-tech office. The most common sexual harassment’s cases happened to women…but in Disclosure, it was the other way around.

Tom Sanders had been working in DigiCom for 15years, everyone in the office thought he was going to be the vice president when Conley-White buys DigiCom. But Garvin, the owner of DigiCom, pointed a young and beautiful woman named Meredith Johnson. Meredith was Tom’s ex girlfriend, they dated 10years ago.

On the 1st day of her job, Meredith asked Tom to discuss about Twinkle’s problem (Twinkle is one of DigiCom’s product)…But unexpectedly Meredith forced Tom to have sex with her. Tom refused to do so. The conflict between these two happened after that incident.

Meredith accused Tom of harassing her and wanted him to be transferred. As reader, we know Meredith was lying and Tom had told the truth…but the point of the book is not to find whose lying and whose not…the story is Tom’s effort to prove his innocence and to find the motive behind Meredith action.

The law about discrimination at work is in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but the recent law also mention about sexual harassment. A lot of people thought that women couldn’t possibly harass men, but in truth, sexual harassment is about power so whomever on top regardless the gender is able to harass his/her employee.

It was quite a ride reading Tom’s journey in finding the truth. At first I thought I Disclosure was going to be my least favorite of all Crichton’s books…I’m glad I was wrong.

I gave this book 4 stars (I really like it)


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