MotoGP 09: Mugello

I didn’t watch the race from the beginning, I watched it from 12 Laps To Go where the 1st position was Bautista and followed by Simoncelli, Pasini and Aoyama 11 second behind. The race was held under heavy rain.

On 11LTG, something interesting happened. Simoncelli tried to overtake Bautista but they ended up pushing each other aside…either it was because of the slippery road or because they meant to do, it was still under investigation. The incident caused both riders riding onto the gravel. Pasini took the 1st position, Simoncelli in 2nd and Bautista in 3rd.

5 LTG and the race getting more and more exciting…they pushed their bike to the limit. Bautista had reached Simoncelli’s tail but the slippery road forced Bautista to keep going. Bautista almost fell down. After that the battle seemed to cease down. 2 LTG, it’s Simoncelli’s time to tail on Pasini. And he was getting closer and closer.

The last lap was superb!! I lost count of how many overtaking had happened…My eyes were glued onto the race….it was an amazing race. Entering the last lap, Simoncelli took over Pasini’s first position but Pasini regained his position…and the same thing happened over and over again…both of them are not my favorite riders and yet I felt the intensity as if one of them is my favorite. In the end I was so glad Pasini won the race. Amazing!! I love this race!!

The standing are Mattia Pasini, Simoncelli, Bautista, Luthi, Barera, Aoyama and Debon. I don’t remember the rest.

After the interview, Simoncelli and Bautista were summoned by Race Director to talk about the incident.

I’m going to write in actual laps now. Fortunately today’s race was far better than 2weeks ago…even though the same thing happened (changging tire)

A lot of things happened in this race, I don’t think I can cover it all, but I’ll try my best.

The rain had stopped before the race started but the road was still wet…so the prediction was they are going to change their tire again, just like 2 weeks ago. On the 1st lap, Vermeulen took the 1st position by surprise, but Stoner took over the 1st positin on the next lap. He overtook Dovizioso and Vermeulen at once. 2laps later Dovi took Vermeulen’s position and not long after that he tasted the 1st position but Stoner took it back.

On 5th lap Dovi was able to hold on to 1st position. Toseland gambled by changging his tire before everyone else. On the 6th Lap, Rossi enhanche his position to 3rd position by overtaking Vermeulen. Within 1 lap Rossi took over Stoner’s position and move into 2nd position. Still in 7th lap, Melandri moved to 4th position by overtaking Vermeulen. Canepa decided to change his tire. Melandri moved forward to 3rd position.

On 8th lap, Rossi led the race and forced Dovizioso to fall back…but few seconds later Melandri took over Dovi’s position. On 10th lap, Dovi, Pedrosa, Capirosi and Vermeulen changed their tire (and of course their bike), at the same time Rossi was taken by Melandri.

On the next lap, all the front rider, Melandri, Rossi, Lorenzo, and Stoner decided to change their tire. When they came out the position became Melandri, Dovizioso, Rossi, Lorenzo, Stoner, Elias and Vermeulen… but not long after that Dovi took over Melandri’s 1st place and then Rossi took Melandri’s 2nd place…and on 12th Lap, Lorenzo took over Melandri’s 3rd place. Melandri kept moving backward after Capirosi took his 4th place. Good thing happened to Capirosi coz few seconds later he moved to 3rd place and pushed Lorenzo to 4th place.

On 13th lap, Pedrosa crashed and it looked bad. The race was still heating up. I didn’t know how it happened, suddenly Dovi was in 1st position but he was soon taken by Stoner and Capirosi. So the line up became Stoner, Capirossi, Dovizioso, Lorenzo and Rossi. Toseland was already in 6th position…his gambling was working out.

On 16th lap, Capirosi led the race and forced Stoner to be 2nd. Stoner regained his position on lap 17…at the same time Rossi became the fastest man in the track.

5 laps to go, Lorenzo moved to 3rd position, taking over Dovi’s position and Rossi forced Dovi to move to 5th place. The race didn’t seem to slow down because Capirosi was taken over by Both Yamaha riders, Lorenzo and Rossi, on 22nd lap…which mean it was just 2 laps to go!!

On the last lap, Dovi managed to moved to 4th position and pushed Capirosi to taste the 5th postion…and then he tried to charge Rossi…it was a great effort….but in the end Stoner held on to his 1st position, Lorenzo on 2nd, Rossi on 3rd, Dovi on 4th and Capirosi on 5th.

Great race!!! I love every second of it…well, almost every second of it, I still hate those pit stuff.

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