Nightmares and Landscapes

1. Battleground

At 1st, the movie felt a bit weird…it was too silence, no human voice came out of the movie. But as the story goes, voice was not a problem anymore because the action was very exciting. The story was about a professional killer who had just killed an owner of a toy factory. When he arrived at home he received a packet of Jungle Army Footlocker plus Surprise. It was a collection of small plastic army. Those little armies became alive and attacked him. It was a great and interesting battle.

2. Crouch End

A newlywed couple came to London for their honeymoon. They were invited to one of their acquaintance’s house…the house was in a place called Crouch End. The 1st taxi driver refused to take them there, but the 2nd one took them there without hesitation. He warned them about that place, it was a place called Towen or a place where people sacrifice their life. There was a thin line that connects this life to another dimension. The wife was the 1st one who noticed strange things around Crouch End. Things became worse by the minute. Honestly, I think reading this story will be more exciting than watching it.

3. Umney’s Last Case

Clyde Umney was a private investigator, a character created by Sam Landry. Umney was a famous PI, he was charming and adored by many women. One day he was visited by a man named Sam Landry, at first he didn’t want to believe that Landry was his creator. Landry proved himself to Umney. Landry’s life had been miserable since his son died and he wanted to swap his life with Umney…but things didn’t get better for him.

4. The End of the Whole Mess

I like this one, it’s not a scary bloody story but it has great value. Howard and Bobby Fornoy were brothers, they were so close. Howard had great talent of making documentary movies while Bobby was a genius by nature. Bobby was different from other kids since he was 3. When he grew up, he felt so bad seeing war, famine, crime and all other bad sides of the world. He wanted to create something that will turn this world into a peaceful world. He made it, but there was an inevitable catch.

5. The Road Virus Heads North

A famous writer named Richard Kinnel visited a yard sale on his way to his aunt’s house, he bought a painting by a young man who had killed himself. A 23 years old Bobby Hasting committed suicide on his garage. The painting started changing as if it followed his way home. Kinnel decided to throw it away but it came back and haunted him.

6. The Fifth Quarter

Wilie Gansen trusted his cell-mate, Barney, to stay with his wife. A Few days before he was released from Jail, Barney disappeared. At the same night He was out of jail, Barney showed up with a wound in his stomach. Barney told Willie what happened to him and gave him a piece of map that will force Willie to take part in a dangerous treasure hunt.

7. Autopsy room four

Howard Cotrell, a successful business man, suddenly collapsed on a golf field. An old doctor proclaimed his death as heart attack. He was brought to an autopsy room. But Cotrell was not dead yet!! He was still alive but he couldn’t move his body. He was trying so hard to tell the people, who were going to perform the autopsy on him, that he was still alive. Will they cut him alive or will they know that he was still alive?

8. You Know They Got a Hell of a Band

Clark and Mary Rivingham were having a road trip. Clark decided to take a short cut, but he got lost and ended up in a town called rock n roll heaven. Mary had strong bad feeling about that town but Clark wanted to visit the town. In that town they met some dead Rock n Roll legends and something was wrong with that town. They tried to escape from that mysterious town.


I haven’t read the book yet, but judging from the story, I think Skeleton Crew has better story than Nightmares and Landscapes…then again, I might be wrong.

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