BTT: Manga


Last Saturday (May 2nd) is Free Comic Book Day! In celebration of comics and graphic novels, some suggestions:

– Do you read graphic novels/comics? Why do/don’t you enjoy them?
– How would you describe the difference between “graphic novel” and “comic”? Is there a difference at all?
– Say you have a friend who’s never encountered graphic novels. Recommend some titles you consider landmark/”canonical”.

Hmm I don’t know what graphic Novels is, so I can’t say anything about it…But I do read comics.

When I say comics..I meant Manga, comics from Japan. I never read american Comics because as far as i know, they only make superheroes comics and I don’t really into superheroes….Maybe they make something else but I never encountered such comics.

As for manga, it consists of many kind of stories that sometimes worth turn into Novel, such as these smazing stories Rose of versailles, Garasu no Kamen, amd many more. There are also great action like One Piece, Dragonball, Naruto and many more.

I love manga as much as I love Novel. Manga’s story is not always for children, they have great stories that can be enjoyed by all ages. My favorite mangas are Onepiece and Deathnote. Onepiece is about great friendship, dream and courage. Deathnote is physicological thriller.


  1. I enjoy reading mangas too, but not as many as I read fictions (although I’ve a stack on them). 😉

    Novroz’ Answer
    I don’t have stack of mangas but I borrow a lot of them hehehe

  2. Thanks for sharing. I haven’t read any Manga yet but I hope to get my hands on some. I’ve just ordered Macbeth which is a Manga book. I’m excited to check it out.

  3. I’ve been leaning toward Vampire Hunters, and am getting Psychic Academy in the mail any day now. I’d also like to get the first Fruit Baskets manga book.

    Novroz’ Answer
    I’ve watched Furaba (Fruit Basket) but haven’t got a chance to read its manga

  4. I read manga too- I love NANA and LOVE HINA among others!

    Novroz’ Answer
    that mean you’re the type who love Shoujo Manga, I’m the type who love Shounen Manga 🙂

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