Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi

Do you know Ghibli Studio?? If you don’t, all I can say to you is ‘What a Shame’ …you’ve just missed the best animation maker in the world.


Some people said that Ghibli is Japan’s Disney…but for me, Ghibli is far better than Disney because of its wide imagination. The brain behind so many amazing stories in Ghibli is Hayao Miyazaki. I have seen half of Ghibli’s animation but I only own 3 movies. I’ll write all 3 of them in my blog.


Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi is called Spirited Away in English, its actual meaning is Sen and Chihiro whom are hidden by the Gods. This is my most favorite of all Ghibli’s animations. This animation won an Academy Award for Best Animation…no surprise there!!! The graphic was awesome and the story is amazing, it was so out of this world…one hell of a great imagination. Every scene and every character are so worth to be watched. This animation is the reason I like all Ghibli’s Animations.

Taking a snapshot for this movie is so hard because everything looks great, everything worth being captured. If you are a person who hate spoiler…don’t read the whole story I have written below!! It is full of spoiler.

The story is about the adventure of a 10years old girl named Chihiro. Chihiro’s family had to move to a new town, but on their way to their new home they found a tunnel that lead to a small town. Her Otosan and Okasan being so hungry ate the food on that town. They thought it was just like regular traditional food counter, they’ll eat 1st then they’ll play…but this town is not a normal town. It is too quite to be a normal town…no one was there.


But on the evening…things started showing up…things inhuman. Chihiro was told to get away from there, when she came to call her parents, they had turned into pigs…the curse for human who ate customers food. Chihiro who didn’t eat anything started to fade away. A boy named Haku helped her out. Haku told her to seek for Yubaba and asked for a job or she’ll never survive in that spirit world.

Chihiro came to Kamaji, an old man who controled the herbal with helps from small hairy black creatures he used to call Chibidome. Kamaji sent Chihiro to meet Yubaba with the help of Rin, one of the workers. Yubaba herself was an old powerful witch that owned a public traditional bath. Yubaba had taken an oath to take anyone who seek for job. Chihiro who kept saying ‘koko ni hataraite kudasai’ finally got the Job. She signed the contract that will bind her life forever.


Yubaba changed Chihiro’s named into Sen (taken from her 1st kanji character Chi-hiro Chi can be read as sen). Haku told Chihiro not to forget her real name coz that is how Yubaba ruled people, by stealing their name. On her 1st day she met a mysterious no face black shadow, he was actually a nice person and drawn to Chihiro’s politeness. He helped Chihiro on her 1st assignment cleaning a tub.

On that same day, a customer came…a very stinky customer. Chihiro was given the task to help him clean…but to everyone surprise he was not a Stinky God, he was another God that got stuck with something bad. Chihiro pulled free all the trash inside him and show his real identity, he is the famous River God, he was dirty with trash people thrown into the river. That God left something for Chihiro.


On the next morning the mysterious no face black shadow ate one of the frog worker and gave gold to attract everyone including Chihiro. But Chihiro was too preoccupied with Haku. She saw Haku being attack by small paper bird. Chihiro followed Haku to Yubaba’s room where she finally met Yubaba’s big baby called Bo. On Yubaba’s room, she tried to protect Haku from Zeniba‘s image, yubaba’s twin sister. Zeniba turn Bo into a fat mouse and Yubaba’s bird into a tiny bird and turn the 3 head man into Bo to fool yubaba. The image was gone when Haku smashed the paper bird.


Chihiro brought Haku to Kamaji’s place and saved him by giving half of the thing that The River God had given her. She decided to go see Zeniba to give back the seal that had been stolen by Haku. On her way out she met no-face, he had turned bad inside that public bath. Chihiro gave the other half of the thing that the River God had given to her and turn no-face into the nice spirit she knew before. He followed Chihiro to Zeniba’s place.

Zeniba turned out to be a lot nicer than Yubaba. In Yubaba’s place, Yubaba finally realized that her baby was missing. Haku promised to get Bo back as long as Yubaba let Chihiro’s parents back. Haku picked up Chihiro on Zeniba’s place but no-face decided to stay with Zeniba. On their way back Chihiro remembered her childhood and she had met Haku before, she also remembered Haku’s real name, it was Kohaku.


Yubaba tried to trick Chihiro so that she cannot get away from her contract, but she gave the right answer n got her parent back.

The moral of this movie is kindness, trust and love. I have seen this movie for…hmm I lost count of how many times I had watched it…I think around 10 times and yet I never get tired of it. I really love this animation movie.

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