Mitch Albom’s book

I borrowed 3 Albom’s books from wulan. For me, Albom’s book cannot be considered as a novel because they are too short!! They are supposed to consider as Short Story, and therefore I’m going to write all three of them in just 1 article.


For One More Day

The book is about the life of Chick Benetto, a man who had lost the purpose of life but regain it back after spending one more day with his late mother…so basically it is about spending one more day with the one you love the most that had passed away. Chick met his late mother and realized how he had mistreated her and yet she never stopped loving him as all mother does. The story touched my heart so deep and reading it makes me picture myself in his position, how many time has my mom stood up for me and how many time I didn’t stand up for her.

This book is a good book for every son and daughter because sometimes we forgot how our mother has given all her endless love for us and all we do is taking it for granted. Not everyone in this world is a parent but every one of us is someone else’s son or daughter, so I truly recommend this book for everyone to reflect them self.

Ask yourself this: Have you ever lost someone you love and wanted one more conversation, one more chance to make up for the time when you thought they will be here forever?

For now, I can’t answer that coz Allah still keeps the people I love around me, and I am grateful for that.

Tuesday With Morrie

This book is based on true story, the last class of a teacher named Morrie Schwartz and a student named Mitch Albom. They met every Tuesday and the lesson was about life and death. They talked about the world, feeling sorry for yourself, regrets, family, emotions, fear of aging, money, how love goes on, marriage, US culture, forgiveness, and perfect day.

It is a good book to make us think more about our life, our purpose of life and death. I can’t make a summary of this book because book like this can’t be summarized. The book can be a wakeup call for many people or an inspiration to think over. As for me, of all the things he said, only few of them can make me re-think about my life.

About death and the fear of facing it is something I have already known my entire life. My religion, Islam, had taught me not to fear death, death is simply a stage of life…we should be afraid of death only when we had done something terrible, if we had done nothing bad then death is only a long sleep. I have never afraid of death coz no matter how hard you try to run away, death is a destiny you cannot escape from…all I wish is only not to die is places that Allah condemned. So nothing really touches me in Morrie’s lesson about death.

About not valuing money too much is also something I have done since long time ago…I won’t be a teacher in the first place if all I want from job is money…like I had said before, the salary of a teacher is sucks but the experience of teaching and interacting with students worth a life time.

Things that really get into me are about marriage. For the 1st time in my life I am actually thinking about marriage…marriage as a way to find a partner in life not as a way to make my parents happy or a way to have a child. Reading Morrie’s words on marriage make me thinking maybe living with someone isn’t a jail after all.

Five People You Meet in Heaven



  1. five people you meet in heaven bagus banget miss hahahaaha

    Novroz’ Answer
    haha beda pendapat ama yang minjemin….kata Wulan 5people ga sebagus yang 2lainnya

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