NBA PlayOff 09 – Mavs VS Spurs

FINALY….JakTV aired DALLAS MAVERICKS for the 1st time on this 2008/2009 season. I rarely watched NBA this year because JakTV seemed to neglect my favorites teams, JakTV never aired Bulls and Mavs…I know that they are not in their highest peak right now but somehow JakTV put 2 games from Clippers which is worse than Mavs n Bulls!! I half hated (I can’t fully hate JakTV coz it’s the only TV station in Indonesia that airs NBA) JakTV this year, I wish JakTV could aired every teams equally.

Let’s check on The Western Conference for a while, before I start writing about the first game of Mavs vs Spurs. The Western Conference consist of matches up between Lakers vs Jazz, Hornets vs Nuggets, Spurs vs Mavericks, and Trailblazers vs Rockets. There are 3 teams that I really want to see, they are Mavericks (of course!!!), Jazz and Hornets…I hope all of them can move to the next level, some of them have smaller chance but it won’t me stop hoping (

Back to the game!!

It is a thrill to see Mavericks’ match up, they are facing San Antonio Spurs, The team that I love the most (Dallas Mavericks) against The team I hate the most (San Antonio F****n Spurs). If Spurs defeated Mavs, I will hate them more, if Mavs defeat Spurs then I will laugh out loud full of joy. The 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 7th Game will be San Antonio and the 3rd, 4th, and 6th Game will be in Dallas. I surely hope Mavs could beat the living sh*t out of Spurs.

1st Quarter

The game started a bit slow but it became faster by the minute. Dirk missed a lot of shots and giving Mavs a harder chance to win. On the other hand, Spurs gaining power minute by minute, they were coming strong, especially Parker. In the end of this quarter Mavs were beaten by 11points (18-29).

2nd Quarter

On the 2nd quarter, something happened to The Mavs…something amazing!! Somehow, this team manages to keep up the pace and came stronger than before. They were gaining points little by little. Bass played amazing moves, my favorite was when Bass throw the ball and hit the board but the ball came inside the basket anyway, after that Bass scored another one. When Terry scored another shot without giving Spurs chance to fight back, Spurs took a time out to pick them self up together again. The 2nd quarter ended with 45-49 (Mavs only trailed by 4 points, a big step up from 11points in previous quarter).

3rd Quarter

After the break…Mavs became more stronger, the bench stepped up and gave amazing amount of points. Within 1 minute 30 seconds, Barea put the game on tie (49-49). About 3 minutes later, Mavs finally able to take the lead by 3 points (57-54). Josh Howard and Jose Barea were the X factor of this quarter…they were great!!. Mavs’ field goals percentage was rising up to 73%. This quarter finished with a tie score of 74-74.


Spurs were in a position called ‘the quick sand’ where they kept on falling deeper and deeper by the minute. In this last quarter, Mavs’ team work over shadowed Spurs even though they were using more bench than their main team. Mavs’ bench gave more than 30 points while Spurs’s bench only came out with less than 20 points. The rising star of this game was definitely Jose Barea who was able to keep the pace and turning the game alive. Mavs closed the game with a 7 points margin (105-97).

I was more than happy watching this 1st game of Mavs vs Spurs because it was unimaginable, after the 1st quarter was over, I was prepared to watch them crushed by Spurs but Thanks God they could pull them self up and ended up winning.

Based on statistic, 4 out of 5 teams who won the 1st game of the series win the whole series. So truly truly hope that Mavs could be 1 out of those 4 teams…amen.


Unfortunately Spurs beat Mavs in the 2nd game, 105-84…but I stil have faith on the mavs 🙂

Mavs took the lead again!!! They won their 3rd game with a very low points of 88-67

Mavs leads the series by 3-1 on their 4th game, they had defeated Spurs (AGAIN!!) by 99-90 inspite of Parker’s high playoff career of 43 points. GO MAVS!!! I still believe on you guys!!

THEY”VE WON!!!! Mavericks beat Spurs!!! yatta!!!!!

See you guys in the second round

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