A New Day Has Come

Like I already said before (when I was writing about Shakira’s Concert), there are only 2 women that captured my attention, they are The Amazing Celine Dion and The Multi Talented Shakira.

The concert I’m to write is A New Day Concert from Las Vegas. I Know that there are some videos on her performance in Vegas, this concert I’m talking about is the one that reached the end of her long journey in Vegas.

She had performed in Las Vegas for 5 years, almost every night. It has consumed a lot of money to make that concert happen, from the building to the stage, from the art director to the dancer…it was a major plan and they pull it out amazingly. They used a huge screen and showed spectacular background. But to be Honest, all of those extravaganzas are still nothing comparing to Celine herself, she is the power behind this extravaganza concert, and her voice alone is beyond extraordinary. I love her and her voice so much, I cannot find other nowadays female singer that can replace her.


The concert starts with A New Day Has Come, Celine comes out with a long black outfit that makes her look elegant. The audiences stand up for her. She then changes her cloth into white blouse and jacket pairing with white pant. She shows her amazing voice by singing The Power of Love comes next. The dancers are wearing what I like to call as theatrical outfit. It reminds me a lot of ballet recital. It’s All Coming Back to Me Now comes next, the stage is arranged to be similar with the Promotion video of this song. Without stopping Celine continues with a beautiful song called Because You Love Me, a song that can be used for any kind of love. The smoke comes out and followed by a famous violin intro of To Love You More.  The stage is turned into a sky with bird flying here and there. Celine takes off her jacket before starting I’m Alive. The background turn into a big city that is full of light, you know sort of like Tokyo. He continues with I Drove All Night and the background becomes a highway. Then Celine takes a break to change her clothes, we can see her changing clothes in the bonus video.


She comes out wearing a black gown with low cut on her chest. The male dancers come out with only wearing pants without any shirt. They gather around a chair where Celine is singing Seduces Me. The next song is If I Could, it’s a beautiful song about mother’s love, a very touching song. I love the stage performance for this song. There is a big tree on the background screen that grows bigger and thicker. And then there are men floating in the air, they are carrying a piano and street lamps. A small Sakura tree (it looks like Sakura to me) appears in left side of the stage and 3 girls swinging above the stage, one of them wears yellow wings. Next is a French song called Pour Que Tu M’Aimes Encore, it is about loving someone so much and prepare to give up everything for his/her love. This is one of her French hits. There are frames of picture floating on the stage with real human as the picture. And then comes one of the most powerful songs by Celine, I Surrender. Her voice is so strong, but she sings it as if the song is so easy to sing…such an amazing voice. It never stopped giving me


She takes time to change cloth again for her next song. I think it’s an Italian song, but I’m not so sure about it…All I know is that I really like the song. Ammore Annascunnuto has a background that shows the kind of old cities in Europe. I like everything about this song, the song itself, the stage and the choreography. It is so simple and yet meaningful. For the next two songs, Celine dedicates the song for Frank Sinatra. All The Way is sung together with Sinatra, of course it is only a recorded sound. I don’t really like this song, sorry Mr.Sinatra, your song is just too old. But I like the next song, even though it is old but its fun. I’ve Got The world on a string is followed with a very crowded stage background, very Las Vegas style!! Colorful light, dancers below and floating big instrument above. Next is I Wish, a song that can make your body moves along the music. I like seeing Celine dances with the male dancer. Without taking a break, Celine continues with Love Can Move a Mountain. Some of the dancer dance in the hall around the audience. And then Celine introduces her band and closes the song by leaving the song to be finished by her background singers.


Celine comes out with a sexy outfit…I can tell you that she is not a sexy woman, her voice what makes her sexy, but for this song…she is hot hot hot. She wears a sexy short silver dress and moves her ass a little. River deep Mountain High is an old song that I really fond of, when Celine sings it I like it even more. This is my most favorite performance of the night. The concert is closed My Heart Will Go On. The stage choreography is awesome. There is a big moon in the background and then there is a woman wearing a long wedding dress walking in the air. But when in the middle of the song, the background turns into an old rusty interior of a ship.


The stage is so inspiring; one of Indonesian TV station copied some of the background and the stage set.

Beside the concert, the DVD also gives extra video showing her preparation, and her meet & greet with the fans. Seeing her with the fans makes me love her more, she is truly a nice woman. The way she speaks to her fans is really not pretending or act nice…it’s genuine. Celine is a woman with great voice and great personality.

2 thoughts on “A New Day Has Come

  1. ih emang ya ni eyang2 ajib banget hehehe
    huaduh miss, daku jadi pengen pinjem dipidinya :p

    Novroz’ Answer
    wah dia belum jadi eyang!! baru juga punya anak umur 5thnan.

    Boleh2…tapi kapan mau ketemunya?

  2. eh tapi umurnya udah hampir eyang2 yah bukannya? *soktau

    kapan ya? btw ini 4bia nya aja masih di eke *klo ga slh :p

    Novroz’ Answer
    huahaha belum atuh!!! masih di bawah 50 tahin kok.

    hmmm….memang suka ada peminjam yang ga inget mulangin hahahaha

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